How does lemon help in weight loss?

Updated at: Aug 09, 2018
How does lemon help in weight loss?

Ever heard of the popular belief that lemon could help you lose weight? Well, the stories aren't fictional. Science has confirmed that lemon can regulate body’s metabolism and sugar absorption, helping in inducing weight loss.

Himanshu Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 09, 2018

Rich in antioxidants, high in fibre and low in calories, limes are an effective weight-loss food. Lime is one of those foods that improve body's ability to burn fat/calories, though the weight loss mantra still remains the same i.e. burning more calories than what you consume every day. You may have lime either by squeezing it in water or over delicacies/salads.

How lime helps one to lose weight 

There have been several debates on the effectiveness of lemon in improving digestion and helping the body regulate sugar absorption, thus, helping in weight loss.  Lime helps the body detoxify by breaking food down with the help of stomach acid and move it into the small intestine where the nutrients are absorbed. Thereafter, food is converted into solid stool which is then eliminated naturally.

The Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center described lemon as a fat burner owing to the presence of vitamin C which helps the body to absorb calcium into its fat cells. Calcium in the fat cells restrains the desire to eat more, thus, preventing weight gain.  A study at the Arizona State University also suggested that people who have foods that are high in vitamins such as lemons, oranges and grapes are less likely to gain weight.

An average-sized lime contains 1.9 grams of fibre, making up for the 6 per cent of your daily need for fibre. Eating lime keeps one full for a longer period , thus, preventing weight gain. A lime has around 19.5 milligrams of vitamin C, which makes up for 26 per cent of a woman's and 21.8 per cent of a man's daily requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin C in diet is essential to maintain physical endurance to build, maintain and repair skin, bones and tissues. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition asserted that vitamin C is a weight-loss nutrient. The study observed that people with adequate amounts of vitamin C burnt 30 per cent more fat than those with insufficient vitamin C levels.

 A few limes a day will push your weight-loss efforts on track with only a slight impact on your daily calorie intake.

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