Does the Birth Control Pill Affect Fertility?

Jul 08, 2011

Quick Bites:

Does the Birth Control Pill Affect FertilityOne of the most frequently asked questions by the users of birth control pills is, “Does the birth control pill affect fertility?” Well the answer for this question is no, birth control pills do not affect fertility. It can be explained through the following points:


  • Birth control pills function by preventing ovulation. They produce hormones that stop ovulation. But, as soon as these hormones are out of the body, it starts to function normally. Again it produces follicles that lead to ovulation as it used to before the consumption of birth control pills.
  • The bodies of different women act differently. For some, the body becomes normal in few weeks while others may take a few months to normalise. However, in less than three months, most women start to ovulate, which means that their fertility becomes completely normal after stopping the use of birth control pills.
  • However, if you had any issues with ovulation before you started the pills; you may experience the same problems after you stop taking the pills. Consumption of pills does not bring any change.
  • There is no effect of birth control pills on your fertility irrespective of the duration for which you are on them. The moment you stop taking the pills, your body is ready to conceive.
  • Birth control pills do not affect the health of the foetus in any way. Once you have stopped taking the pills, the hormones are out of the body and there are no health issues related to the child who will be born thereafter.


Some of the factors that are associated with delay in conceiving are, the age of the man and woman, women’s exposure to smoking and cigarettes, and her body mass index.  If all the other factors are favourable, then there will not be any problem in conceiving because birth control pills do not affect fertility.


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