Does Avoiding Sugar Prevent Diabetes?

Updated at: Aug 23, 2012
Does Avoiding Sugar Prevent Diabetes?

Does avoiding sugar prevent diabetes – Can diabetes be prevented by avoiding sugar? Learn how diabetes is influenced by sugary foods.

Himanshu Sharma
DiabetesWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 23, 2012

According to American Diabetes Association, diabetics can eat sugar in small quantities but they have to nullify sugar-effect with other foods they that consume. The research report also underlines that sugar consumption is not the root cause of diabetes. Consuming sugar is often linked to the development of diabetes, but the perception is wrong.

How Sugar Affect Diabetics


  • Diabetes implies either of the two conditions, an inability to produce insulin or inability to produce enough insulin to break down sugar into a form that is used by the body. Owing to these conditions, sugar levels in the bloodstream become high over time. In such a case, excessive sugar intake has negative influence on diabetes.
  • Excess sugar consumption disrupts absorption of glucose, which is the energy source for body cells.
  • Avoiding sugar certainly help diabetics. According to American Diabetes Association (ADA), individuals susceptible to developing diabetes must decrease sugar intake to reduce the chances of disorder.
  • More than sugar, the overall carbohydrate intake is responsible to impact diabetes. The dietary advice of limiting or avoiding won’t be effective in case individual overeats regularly and is not doing enough about managing healthy weight.

How to Prevent Diabetes

  • Besides avoiding sugar excess sugar, one should also take other effective measures to prevent diabetes. A combination of eating a healthy diet with reduced carbohydrate intake, managing weight and moderate physical activity program is effective to limit diabetes effect.
  • It is not necessary to take out your delicious sweets from diet completely, but reduce the amount that you consume. ADA recommends swapping of sugar-laden food with a healthy option or portion control for diabetes prevention.
  • Eat more of natural foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products that don't contain extra glucose. These food options keep control of blood sugar level owing to the presence of simple carbohydrates, which can be easily converted into sugar.
  • Juices should be preferred over soft drinks or carbonated beverages because of less sugar content. Sugar-free beverages are also fine for diabetics but you should check its packaging label before.
  • Some diabetics may also require an injection of insulin to control sugar level in their blood besides diet and exercise, to bring sugar level back to normal.

The most effective approach of preventing diabetes is by maintaining stable blood sugar levels to the extent possible. Blood sugar readings should be kept in check consistently and doctor should be consulted as soon as you see an extreme fluctuation in the blood sugar level.


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