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Do Women Prefer Drunken Sex

Snr By Bushra Kafeel , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 02, 2011
Do Women Prefer Drunken Sex

Women get drunk before getting intimate thinking, it will add fun to their love making session. Know what's her stand on sex under the influence of alcohol.

It is no secret that alcohol lowers inhibition and totally changes a person. After getting drunk, next morning often brings surprising thoughts on what you may have or have not done. In a recent survey, many women revealed that they prefer to be drunk before having sex. On being asked for the reason they stated that it helps them to be more adventurous and lose their inhibitions.

Do Women Prefer Sex While DrunkExperts suggest that women lack confidence and thus look for ways to boost their self-esteem and as per ladies; alcohol is one such way to boost confidence. Besides reducing person's inhibition, alcohol also reduces self-control and increases the chances of one-night stands. But is that really true? Some women may agree, while others might quietly nod in agreement to the findings.

According to a study, more than 75 percent women like to get drunk before sex. Surprisingly, 6% of women never had sober sex (without alcohol influence) and believe that good sex cannot be sober. Findings of another survey that was conducted on 3,000 women aged 18 to 25 years were also the same. Researchers also found out that 14 percent women can’t go to bed with their partner without having wine. Most of them said that drinking was a fun part of their date and same goes with subsequent act of sex. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD and author of Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness said that binge drinking is so common nowadays that it's almost like there's nothing wrong with it. Women actually don't realize that that's not life or the only way left for enjoying intimate moments.

In a similar study conducted by British feminine-hygiene Company, it was found that on average British women have eight sexual partners out of which, with five they had sex under influence of alcohol. An interesting part of this finding was that on one or two occasions they even don’t remember name of their sexual partners. According to the study, when sober, one in six women does not have confidence to sleep with a stranger. They are always worried about how the other person may perceive them. For instance, most women are nervous about their looks and body fat. In the FemFresh survey, 45 percent of female participants claimed that alcohol allows them to relax, unwind, and lose all inhibitions with a new date.

Sharon Wilsnack, PhD, a professor in the department of clinical neuroscience at the University of North Dakota, spent 20 years tracking the drinking habits of women, said that when they examined the matter, they didn't find huge differences, in how much women were drinking. But, they found out that young women particularly are drinking more intentionally to get drunk and enjoy intimacy with their partners.

How much truth it holds can be relative. But, what about you, do you like it sober or intoxicated?


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