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    Do Pilates to Stay Fit during Pregnancy

    Pregnancy By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 01, 2012
    Do Pilates to Stay Fit during Pregnancy

    Being fit during pregnancy is important for every pregnant women. Pilates can, at just a juncture, help you maintain your weight while also keeping you fit.

    A lot of pregnant women opine that Pilates are one of the best exercises they can do during their pregnancy term. The biggest contribution of Pilates during pregnancy is that it helps in building the core strength. Besides, if your back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are toned, you will have a safer and comfortable delivery. Pilates are also popular for helping moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy figure after the child is born.

    pilates during pregnancyAnother major advantage of Pilates is that they are easily adaptable. Most Pilates exercises can be easily modified as per the body, thereby helping you adjust to them as your pregnancy progresses. Therefore, the answer to whether doing Pilates can help in staying fit or not is yes. Below are some tips.

    Watch out for the Pilates Guide

    If you have never done Pilates before, it is important that you find an appropriate pre-natal Pilates class with an instructor, who can give you one on one attention for as long as you want. Most doctors recommend that a pregnant woman avoid doing Pilates on her own, especially if she has never worked on the basics before.

    Eating while doing Pilates

    Although, you are already eating for two, exercising may make you burn more calories. Prenatal Pilates may not really be strenuous enough to make you bring changes in your diet, it is important to pay attention to your body. With Pilates your energy levels are likely to change and therefore, you do not want to miss on over do anything. Some of the signs that you need break include vertigo, nausea, a racing heart, uterine contractions, dizziness, leaking fluid, headache, etc.

    Pilates and Changes in the Body

    As your body changes, the centre of your gravity also shifts. You may realise that you need to be a bit more cautious when doing Pilates, such as getting up and down from the mat, working on the exercise ball, etc.

    The hormonal changes during pregnancy enhance flexibility in the muscles and joints. You may want to make sure that you work in a smaller range of motion. Let your instructor know if you face any difficulty in doing Pilates as comfortably as before. Ensure that you avoid overstretching. The last trimester of pregnancy may be the right time to start tuning into the pelvic muscles, gently working with oppositional stretch and breathing well.


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