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Disadvantages of Using Male Condom

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 04, 2012
Disadvantages of Using Male Condom

Disadvantages of Using Male Condom: Learn about the various disadvantages of male condoms such as condoms ruins the mood & erection, latex sensitivity, single usage, spermicide sensitivity, Slipperiness and more.

Disadvantages of Using Male CondomCondoms are the most popular form of contraception used globally. There are more than a 100 brands of condoms available around the world. Using a condom is essential for a safe and protected sexual experience. Condoms offer protection against unwanted pregnancies and they also offer some protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Using a condom is a relatively easy task. It requires you to be careful and avoid any wear and tear.

  • Ruins the Mood and Erection— Several men complain that after putting on a condom the mood gets spoiled and they find it hard to sustain the erection. Furthermore, the interruption to wear a condom between the foreplay and sex disrupts the sexual sequence and lowers the sexual pleasure.
  • Latex Sensitivity— People who are allergic to latex, must not use latex condoms. Instead they can use condoms made of polyurethane. Also, they must refrain from using creams, body oils or lotions along with latex condoms as greasy things can dissolve the latex within a few minutes and damage the condom.
  • Single Usage— Another disadvantage of condoms is there single use. Condoms are the most widely used contraceptive method however; they can be only used once.
  • Spermicide Sensitivity— Another common concern is the allergy to spermicide that is responsible for lubrication of condom. If you experience rashes in your genital area or any sort of irritation, you may start using condom without nonoxynol-9 or nonoxynol-11 spermicide instead.
  • Slipperiness— Medical stores are flooded with various brands and different sizes of condoms. If you put on a wrong size, there are probable chances that it may slip off during intercourse. So, pick the right one for you before making a mess in the bedroom.
  • Always use a male condom when performing oral sex as the condom will protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV that causes AIDS.
  • Once can use lubricants while using the male condom. Lubricants should be water based in nature as petroleum jelly can interfere with the nature of the latex condom.
  • Wear the condom before sexual intercourse and not just right before ejaculation. Pre-ejaculatory fluid also known as pre-cum can also lead to a pregnancy or the transmission of STDs.
  • Male Condoms are used for contraception but they do not guarantee 100 % protection.

When withdrawing from the vagina, hold the end of the condom firmly to prevent it from slipping off. Once ejaculation has happened, take the condom off and dispose it safely. Do not reuse a condom




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