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Disadvantages of Using Female Condom

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 20, 2012
Disadvantages of Using Female Condom

There are far too many disadvantages of using the female condom for it to be the preferred means of contraception. Many disadvantages of the female condom are the same as those of the male condom while there are some others too.

Female condoms have many advantages for women but it is still not the preferred means of contraception. This is because certain disadvantages of using female condoms are very serious. You need to weigh the pros and cons before choosing your method of contraception.

Female Condom

Disadvantages of female condom


  • Price – The price of a female condom is higher than its male counterpart. This is primarily because more material is used in making the female condom.
  • High failure rate – There is a high failure rate of female condom compared to male condom. It is required to be adjusted constantly during intercourse. You need to use a second type of contraception for improving the effectiveness of the female condom. These methods of contraception include spermicidal foam, diaphragm or the withdrawal before ejaculation.
  • Interference in sexual sensation – Female condom can interfere with the pleasure of sex in much the same way as the male condom does. Moreover, men may find it more difficult to get used to this form of barrier method of birth control or safe sex. All these factors contribute towards interference in sexual sensation.
  • Availability – You may not be able to get female condoms as easily as male condoms. All pharmacies do not store it. You might have to get one from an online store.
  • Unfamiliar with its use – Most women are not as familiar with the use of female condoms as men are with theirs. Moreover, the heat of the moment can often get the better of them. It is very important that women make conscious effort to learn the use of female condoms before trying it out in actual intercourse.
  • Appearance – The appearance of the female condom is a big turnoff for some people. The large plastic ring which hangs outside of the vagina or the anus is not what men and women look for when aroused for having sex. The size of female condoms is another problem. It becomes difficult for people to conceal and carry them around.
  • Insertion – One of the biggest disadvantages of using female condoms is that you need to insert them into vagina. Women are quite often unaware of their anatomy to achieve this. For them, it can be very challenging to insert and affix the condom in their vagina. Moreover, there is always the risk of the condom slipping inside the vagina. This can be very uncomfortable.


With the disadvantages of using female condom being so serious, you need to be very careful when using it. It would be advisable to learn about its use well before buying it.


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