Love tattoos? These are the types of tattoos you must know of

Updated at: Dec 20, 2016
Love tattoos? These are the types of tattoos you must know of

There are several variations of tattoo designs. While for some, a tattoo can make a statement of uniqueness, for others be a symbol of their clan or social group.

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Tattoos can signify different meanings to different people; some people opt for a tattoo to make a statement of uniqueness while for others, a tattoo can symbolises belonging to a group or a clan.




Amateur tattoos: These are rudimentary tattoos and are crude in nature as they are done by a person with no specialised experience. These tattoos are not of aesthetic nature and are done in unsanitary conditions with unusual elements used for dyeing. The risks of infection are extremely high as one is not dealing with professionals while getting this type of tattoo.


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Cultural or religious tattoos: Certain ethnic groups have a hidden meaning behind them getting tattoos. The tattoos may symbolise ranks and achievements amongst a native group. Traditional methods are used to obtain dyes.

Professional tattoos: These are tattoos done by professionals specialising in tattooing. A tattoo machine consisting of needles which punctures the skin and delivers dyes inside layers of skin is used here.

Cosmetic tattoos: Tattoos can be used as a form of make-up by imitating hair, enhancing features such as lips (lip liners) or eyes (eyebrows, eye liner) and even moles. Discolouration of skin can be hidden by cosmetic tattooing.

Medical tattoos: Those who get this tattoo wish to signify a particular health condition or a blood type in case of emergencies. In some forms of breast reconstruction, a tattoo may be used to imitate an areola.

Traumatic tattoos: These tattoos are not intentional and happen during accidents when a foreign element gets imbedded into the skin. For example, accidental stabbing of pencil can leave graphite under layers of skin making it visible as a gray speck.

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Types of tattoos according to their Placement

You would be overwhelmed if you learn about the different parts of the body that tattoos are inked on and trust us, they are crazy!

Teeth tattoo: When you learn what this really is, your enamel will shake off its place. Teeth tattoo is what people get on their teeth and the first tattoo artist who does tattoos on the teeth is a dental technician settled in the U.S. Even more appalling is that this is becoming a trend amongst youngsters and some of the most famous designs are those of Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth, and Mickey Mouse.

Tongue tattoo: This is one of the latest trends in the world of tattooing and expectedly hurts more than any other part of the body. If you choose to get a tongue tattoo done, expect to experience speech problems initially.  This tattoo comes in different flavours like vanilla, chocolate, etc.

Inside lip tattoo: Clearly, this tattoo is done on the inside of the lower lip, but may also be done on the upper lip. Because there is not much space, this tattoo is usually short.

Fluorescent tattoo
:This tattoo is done with the help of black light or UV ink on different parts of the body. After it has been drawn, it glows and sparkles in the dark. The tattoo does not show during day time.

Hair tattoo:This tattoo is a milk form of tattoo that gives an impression that the person has shaved or closely cropped hair. If you plan to get this tattoo done, you will have to have the patience to sit through a session that lasts three to four hours and requires follow-up sessions.

Eyebrow tattoos:These tattoos are also called permanent eyebrows as they are a method of drawing permanent eyebrows above the eyes on people who have extremely light eyebrow hair. This procedure can only be done by someone who is experienced in the task and has the qualifications to do so.


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