Difference between Malaria and Yellow Fever

Updated at: Jan 19, 2013
Difference between Malaria and Yellow Fever

Understand Malaria and Yellow fever. Even though there are only few differences between malaria and yellow fever yet people are unable to differentiate between the two. Read and differentiate between the two on your own!

Bushra Kafeel
Blood DiseasesWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jan 19, 2013

cartoon man Malaria and yellow fever are most common viral infectious diseases in developing nations. Mosquitoes are the common vector for both the diseases and they share similar symptoms as well. Some of the differences between malaria and yellow fever are mentioned below.

Causes of malaria and yellow fever


Malaria is caused by Plasmodic genus named eukaryotic protists, whereas yellow fever is a viral infectious disease. Both the diseases are spread by infected mosquito bites and cannot be transmitted directly from one human to another.


Incubation period of malaria and yellow fever


In both the cases disease starts setting within a week after being bitten by infected mosquito. Incubation period for malaria is three to six days while yellow fever virus incubates between seven to thirty days.


Symptoms of malaria and yellow fever


The key symptoms of yellow fever include exhaustion, vomiting and jaundice as it infects kidney, whereas in malaria headache and fever are the main symptoms. Chills, headaches, pain in the muscles, backache, appetite loss and nausea are the common symptoms that appear in both malaria and yellow fever.


Geographical Presence


Malaria usually occurs in the tropical and sub-tropical areas, where as yellow fever occurs in the equatorial regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America.


Prevention of Malaria and Yellow Fever

  • People who are living in or travelling to malaria infected regions must understand the risks and take required precautions for preventing infection. The basic idea is to get protected oneself from mosquitoes - this can be done either by mosquito repellent or by wearing covered clothes for minimal skin exposure to mosquitoes.
  • One can also use mosquito nets.
  • Many prophylactic drugs are available for preventing malaria. Yellow fever vaccinations must be taken as a preventive measure against the disease.



Vaccination for yellow fever is proving its effectiveness since the last ten years. However, the cost of vaccination is quite high and therefore is not affordable to poverty stricken population. Prophylactic treatments are used for treating malaria as there is no vaccination available till date.


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