Diet Plan for a Great Skin

Updated at: Feb 16, 2012
Diet Plan for a Great Skin

There is a correlation between healthy eating and skin complexion. Understand this correlation to discover how can you keep your skin glowing all the time.

Exercise & FitnessWritten by: VishnuPublished at: Feb 09, 2012

Diet plan for a great skinDiets have always been observed for putting on weight or losing weight. But have you ever wondered whether a diet could help maintain your skin complexion?  Yes, it is true. By maintaining the right diet at the right time, you can easily protect your skin texture and help in nourishing your skin with enhanced beauty.

Research studies have proved that with the right combination of complexion drinks and supplements, it is not difficult to maintain a glowing skin. Skin ageing and pigmentation are sometimes the result of a haphazard and unbalanced diet. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet is important. Here are some tips that you could use in a diet plan to maintain healthy skin:

  • Berries and nuts – It is always recommended by all dieticians to include an assortment of nuts and berries in your diet to maintain long-lasting health of your skin. Berries are a natural source of powerful antioxidants and polyphenols. Vitamin C is also an important component found in these berries as it restores the collagen content in your skin. Nuts are also found to have zinc components that promote cell growth and help in removing the free radicals that constantly damage the collagen of the skin.
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol – Studies have shown that the mere exposure to cigarette smoke, irrespective of whether one is a smoker, could adversely affect the texture of the skin. It could lead to increased dryness of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. When it comes to alcohol, the dilation of the blood vessels due to alcohol could result in damage of the blood vessels near the skin surface. This results in a flushed appearance of the skin that could damage it over time.
  • Wise breakfast menu – A wise breakfast menu must be chosen when it comes to a diet plan for healthier skin. It is a must to include 1 cup of cereal, preferably oatmeal with low fat milk and berries. Bananas and papayas that are rich in Vitamin B could also be included in the menu. Moreover, deficiecy of Vitamin D makes one's skin dry.
  • Lunch menu – In the lunch menu, never forget to include whole grain bread with protein-rich supplementsuch as chicken breast. Vegetarians could always have palak paneer with whole wheat chapattis. Rich brown rice is also a good option.
  • Chocolate – Research studies have shown that the high quality dark chocolate may prove to be healthy for your skin. Falvonols is a powerful antioxidant found in dark chocolate and it can potentially improve the hydration of the skin and lessen sensitivity to the radiation of sun. But it is important to understand that since chocolate is high in calories, it should only be consumed in balanced quantities with proper advice from a dietician.



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