Diet Key to Weight Loss?

Updated at: Aug 09, 2011
Diet Key to Weight Loss?

Diet or Exercise? Find out which one influences weight loss more!

Arpita De
Weight ManagementWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Aug 09, 2011

Diet for weight lossEnough cannot be said about the benefits of exercise for overall well-being. However, a new study has revealed that diet is actually the key to weight loss. Researchers at the Aberdeen University, Britain are of the opinion that the crucial factor that influences weight and in some unfortunate cases, tips the balance towards obesity is actually diet.

John Speakman who is one the key researchers looked at the studies that have been conducted on energy expenditure ranging over two decades. He found that people nowadays are no less active than what people used to be 20 years ago. The appearance and widespread use of energy efficient devices and machines does not necessarily lead to a sedentary lifestyle. For example, children who are now driven to school instead of walking have more time to run around and play in the field. Similarly, watching TV has replaced evening hobbies such as reading. Therefore, children who gain weight excessively do not do it simply by not exercising. It greatly depends on what they eat and if their daily food is made up of processed foods and simple sugars, it attributes to unnecessary weight gain.

A similar research had been carried out a couple of years ago which compared the dietary intake of women from Nigeria and Chicago. It was seen that despite not spending a colossal sum on gym memberships and exercising machines, the Nigerian women were much fitter than their counterparts from Chicago. However, they did not indulge in more physical activities than the women in Chicago, their diet primarily comprised of fibre and carbohydrates. The diet of the women from Chicago on the other hand was mainly full of fats and processed foods.

However, in no way is the research deprecating the benefits of exercise and the advantages that it holds. Exercise helps in toning the body, improves breathing and keeps disease at bay. Therefore, these researches are at best, indicators to the fact that diet is also a critical factor playing a significant role in weight loss.

The least that we can say in this scenario is that although some researches hint at the supremacy of a healthy diet for weight loss and vice versa, we need not necessarily jump in the bandwagon and follow trends. The best way of maintaining one’s health is to blend in appropriate exercise and a healthy diet!


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