Weight Gain Diet for Working Men

Updated at: Apr 05, 2018
Weight Gain Diet for Working Men

To gain weight, the idea is to have calorie intake more than what you burn. For men to gain weight through diet, it is necessary to avoid unhealthy and junk food.

Ariba Khaliq
Weight ManagementWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Apr 05, 2018

Your weight is influenced by many biochemical and lifestyle-related factors. Everyone has a different rate of metabolism which determines how much calories your diet should include for gaining weight. Moreover, health conditions, age, side-effects of medications and genetic factors also play their part in determining your weight. The diet for weight gain for men is about consuming more calories than burning them but it should be brought about in a healthy way. This cannot be made an excuse for indulging in pizzas or other junk food daily.

Diet Tips for Weight Gain in Men

Choose Nutritious Food

Do not think that burgers and pizzas are a good way to gain weight. They might be high in calories but have empty calories, i.e. they do not have nutritional value. Fruits, nuts, seeds, full-cream milk, ghee and protein-rich foods such as soya. You do not want to touch the other undesirable end of BMI scale. Nutritious foods lead to healthy weight gain.

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Eat Every Three Hours 

Always keep fruits and vegetables with you and have them as snacks every three hours. Banana is one of the most calorie-rich fruits. You should also have an assortment of protein-rich nuts for snacking. Nuts have unsaturated fats which are helpful to gain weight. Use olive oil on your dishes. It helps to protect against heart disease besides being high in calories.

Start an Exercise Regimen

You may be aiming to gain weight but it has often been observed that exercising really improves your metabolism and digestion which is needed to improve your weight. Moreover, your aim is to gain weight in a healthy manner and develop some muscles. Muscle gain for men involves augmenting additional energy requirements with rice, cereals, nuts and fruits such as banana.

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Have a Balanced Diet

You need to include the right mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats in your diet. Legumes, tofu and nuts are some protein-rich foods. Rice, potatoes and sweet corn are some carbohydrate-dense foods. You also need to gain some fat which can be done by garnishing your meals with butter, olive oil or cheese. Milk and dairy products are a very good source of fat and other important nutrients needed for weight gain.

Healthy Eating Habits

You should chew your food to a pulp before swallowing so that saliva is mixed well with it. Do not drink water with your food as it can dilute the gastric juices and prevent the breaking down of food. Drink water an hour after your meals and take at least 3 litres daily.

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