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Diet Dos and Don'ts for Diabetics

Updated at: Dec 15, 2011
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Dec 12, 2011
Diet Dos and Don'ts for Diabetics

Know some essential diet do’s and don’ts for diabetics. You can manage your condition much better by following these tips.

Man eating saladDiabetes is a condition in which the body is not able to regulate blood glucose (blood sugar). This happens either due to the body’s inability to process the insulin for absorbing sugar, or simply because the production of insulin is inadequate. You can manage the normal level of blood sugar in your body by following some simple dos and don’ts.


Diet Dos for Diabetics

  • Have whole grain foods – The one big advantage of whole grain foods is that they do not allow the blood sugar to rise suddenly. So, choose whole wheat bread over white wheat. Similarly, replacing brown rice rich in choker for white rice, whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta, and trying to substitute whole wheat flour for white flour in your recipes, can go a long way in keeping your blood sugar normal. 
  • Bitter gourd (karela) – This is a very effective vegetable for lowering your blood sugar level. It has natural plant insulin which helps to lower blood sugar level. So, have juices made from 3 to 4 karelas each morning. You can also take the veggie in your dishes. Powdered karela seeds can be used with water every morning for good result. 
  • Fenugreek (methi) – Drink a glass of soaked methi seeds every morning. Drink the water in which the seeds were kept for being soaked overnight. Chutney can also be prepared with methi
  • Lifestyle changes – You need to exercise regularly, avoid sugary foods and actually avoid exercising too much physical exercise. Too much of exertion can lead to fatigue.


Diet Don’ts for Diabetics

  • Avoid high fat foods – Diabetics are at an increased risk for stroke and heart disease. That is why they need to control fat intake as diligently as the intake of carbs. Diabetics also need to avoid saturated fats, full-fat dairy products, sauces that have cream, chocolate, butter, hamburger, steak and poultry skin. Take reduced fat milk, margarine and yoghurt.
  • Do not take simple sugars - Fructose and glucose are some simple sugars that diabetics must avoid. The simple sugars are found in cold drinks, sweet punches, sugary desserts, many fruit juices, and many other drinks. Make sure you read the contents of the drink before taking it. Vegetable juices and foods without sugar are good sugar substitutes.
  • Lifestyle – Do not lead a sedentary lifestyle, but at the same time avoid a lot of physical exertion as that can aggravate your condition.

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