Diet after Chemo Treatments

Updated at: Jul 26, 2012
Diet after Chemo Treatments

Diet after chemo treatments: Diet after chemotherapy treatment should be such that it not only helps to rebuild the body after the damage, but also makes the patient more capable to manage the side effects.

Vatsal Anand
LatestWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jul 26, 2012

The recovery process after chemotherapy includes maintaining adequate nutrition. This involves proper intake of fluids and food. Foods that should not be included in your diet are those that are difficult to swallow, unpasteurised, moulds, hot spices and fermented ones. In your diet after chemo treatments, the foods included need to be those which bring down the risk of side effects of chemotherapy and boost your immune system at the same time.

Features of the right diet after chemotherapy

  • Plenty of water – As your liver needs to be in overdrive after chemotherapy to cleanse the heavy metals, chemicals and toxins from your body, it needs water to carry it through. Any liver detox diet includes recommendation for lot of water. Having at least eight glasses of water daily would flush out these toxins by helping out your liver and kidneys. However, you need to make sure your tap water does not have too much chlorine in it.
  • Ideal foods – Bananas, rice applesauce, toast and tea are considered to be the ideal components of a diet for recovery after chemotherapy. These are preferable because they do not upset the digestive system. You should mix all these foods in each of your meals until your stomach and intestine feel normal. You can feel your intestinal tract if it is not normal. Having these foods would help in getting it back to normal. Pasta and white bread without sauce can also be included in your diet.
  • Include probiotics – You can help your digestive system to function smoothly by replacing the chemicals left in your system by the treatment procedure with friendly bacteria. Examples of foods that contain a lot of friendly bacteria, called probiotics, are yoghurt and kefir. You may also look for acidophilus supplements in the local pharmacy. These show very good effects in helping the body repair its damage.
  • High calorie protein-rich diet – Chemotherapy patients need to be on a diet that includes foods rich in fat and protein too. This is because their body is deficient in red blood count and needs to build these up to regain normal energy level. Casseroles, peanut butter in snacks and fortified milkshakes are some healthy sources of protein you can include in your post chemotherapy diet to rebuild your body.
  • Frequent meals – Other than information on foods to eat after chemotherapy, you also need to be aware of the ways to have your meals. You should eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than two or three big meals. This would make sure your blood sugar is in check.

Diet after chemo treatments needs to rebuild your body and also help to avoid the risk of complications if and when they arise. The features of such a diet given above can be very helpful in that.




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