Did You Marry the Wrong Guy?

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Did You Marry the Wrong Guy?

Relationship Help - Know the types of men that are likely to make you regret your decision of marrying. If their behaviour becomes extreme, you might have to reconsider your decision of marriage.

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 04, 2011

Did You Marry the Wrong Guy

If you find your relationship in troubled waters, it can be because you married the wrong guy. Many women have felt, when walking down the aisle, that they are making a mistake but they go along anyway. Only a few find it worthwhile to back out at the last minute. They might be doing the right thing!

If you find the following problems plaguing your relationship, know that your decision to marry might be wrong –

  • If the man always corrects you and presents obstacles in your way of normal expression, it is a sign that he is an arrogant control freak. Your feelings, emotions and views are an integral part of your personality and they should be respected. If this guy makes you feel obsolete about yourself, he is not the right thing to have happened to you.
  • Some guys are charmers, i.e. they will make your friends and family think that you got to be nuts for having problems with him. He would pretend to be a helpful man when everyone is around, only to make an impression, but reverts to his indifferent behaviour as soon as they are gone. These guys can really drive you nuts and it will need patience on your part to endure a lasting relationship with them.
  • The jealous controlling type is perhaps the most dangerous of the lot. He would always try to be in contact via mails, text or calls, and always accuses or suspects you of infidelity. These people can get really violent. Stalkers and similar psychos also fall in this category. Be especially concerned if such guys have beaten you. If they do it once, it is likely to come more.
  • There are the rich and famous types who take psychotic pleasure out of belittling other people. They will verbally abuse you, use mental tricks, and the worst part is that people around them are most likely to side with him. It can be difficult to endure with these types for long.

There is a view that a successful marriage is all about learning to live with any kind of person you have married. This is a positive way of looking at having a relationship, and the types of people mentioned above are avoidable only when their behaviour becomes unbearable. Of course, you need to watch out for violent behaviour and no need to compromise with it at any cost.


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