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Now Diabetics can improve Chances of Conception with Simple Lifestyle Changes

Pregnancy By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 11, 2013
Now Diabetics can improve Chances of Conception with Simple Lifestyle Changes

Up until now women with diabetes had major doubts regarding their ability to conceive, but then they needn't worry any more because there are some sure shot ways to help them get through a successful conception.

In a new report it has been mentioned that by watching what you eat, exercising properly and by ensuring that you get adequate nutrition with vitamin supplements can improve chances of conception in diabetic women. As it is, women who are diabetic face special challenges getting pregnant, or even staying pregnant for that matter.

Diabetic Living India has reported that poor glucose control may create an environment wherein the high sugars prevent both conceiving as well as maintaining of pregnancy. Women developing diabetes can in fact probe into developing other disorders such as thyroid disease or autoimmune premature ovarian failure.

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Also, women suffering from diabetes have been found to have high level of miscarriages, which is staggering at the rate of 30 to 60 percent during the crucial first trimester of pregnancy. Also, the risk of birth defects is high. The only sure way to go through pregnancy safely and deliver a healthy baby is to work with a health care team in getting blood glucose under control with proper diet and exercises. So, here is a guide on the principles of conception despite diabetes.


Manage body weight

Being heavier than average can reduce a woman’s chances of conception, though being excessively thin can also make it harder for her to have a baby. According to research, an overweight woman can take twice as long to become pregnancy compared with women who have a normal BMI. An underweight woman may take four times longer to conceive.
Having too much of fat can lead to excessive production of estrogen which can be counter-productive to all your efforts at conception.

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Keep up a healthy diet

You may already be eating plenty of fruits, whole grains and vegetables as part of your diabetes diet. And you may continue to eat the same foods even when you are trying to conceive. If you have trouble keeping the blood sugar levels within the normal range or you want to lose excess pounds before you decide to conceive, book an appointment with a dietician. He or she may help you with customizing of diabetes meal plans so that your pre-pregnancy needs can be met.

You could fill nutritional gaps by taking prenatal vitamins that have folic acid. The course should ideally be started a few months before conception.

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Enjoy an active lifestyle

A precursor to an unhealthy life is a lack of exercise. It is important for everyone to have an active lifestyle, be it a diabetic or a non-diabetic. During the preconception appointment with the doctor, ask him if you are eligible to exercise. Your doctor knows you best and will be able to come up with the right suggestion. After he affirms, choose activities that you enjoy, such as exercising, stationary biking, swimming, etc.

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Also, make these a part of your daily routine to finally be able to give your time to these activities without any hassle.

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