Develop will power to stay healthy

Jan 01, 2012

Quick Bites:

stay healthyQ. I’m a 25 year old management trainee. Since the time I’ve started working, I’ve started putting on weight near my tummy and thighs. I barely have any time to exercise, so I try to eat healthy. However, it seems I’m a slave of my taste buds and therefore tend to give in to my temptations easily. I know what’s good for me, but I simply cannot stick to my resolution. Can you please suggest how I can stick to my diet?

This is one of the most common complaints that I encounter on a regular basis. Everyone desires to be healthy, but many lack the will power to do so.  It becomes difficult, especially when you crave for foods like sweets, fried and spicy foods tea, coffee, cigarettes or alcohol that are not good for you.  It takes a lot of discipline to overcome these addictions.  You may sincerely desire to give up these cravings but you may discover that you remain powerless to the demands of your taste buds.  However if your cravings begin to rule your life, your energy levels, your immunity system and your overall health, then you desperately need to develop will power to overcome your addictions.  Here are a few tips.

  • Just by becoming aware of the potential damage that such cravings can cause to our health, we can get sufficiently motivated to give them up. 
  • Write down exactly what you desire on a piece of paper and keep that paper in your valet. ‘I want to be more energetic’ or `I want to give up sweets’ and so on, when you write down your desires and read it, you subconsciously begin the process of searching for answers.  Once you are motivated, you are already on your way to wellness. 
  • Focus on your new regime, and begin practising it. Practice skipping that chocolate after dinner, or the cigarette that you want to get rid off. 

You may find yourself going back to your cravings.  But don’t let that hinder your progress towards better health.  Re-read your motivation, bounce right back and once again you will find the road to better health. 


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