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A Guide for Men to Remove Ugly Stretch Marks from Body

Updated at: Nov 11, 2016
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Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Sep 21, 2013
A Guide for Men to Remove Ugly Stretch Marks from Body

Men are equally at the risk of getting stretch marks, especially those who are into body building and are gaining weight. Know how you can deal with it.

While you may be thinking that women are more prone to stretch marks, the fact remains that men are as susceptible to them as women. Stretch marks in general, irrespective of the gender come as a bad sight. Simply put, stretch marks look ugly.

treating stretch marks for menWhat we know as stretch marks is actually the result of an extreme or sudden expansion or contraction of the skin. Beneath our skin we have a layer called the epidermis and when the muscles grow your skin also expands. If the skin is not elastic enough then the area will tear up, thus resulting in stretch marks. Therefore men who are into bodybuilding are very much at the risk of stretch marks. Here we have talked of some ways in which you can deal with your stretch marks.

Tretinoin Cream Treatment

Consult your doctor regarding tretinoin cream and use this as directed on the areas where you have stretch marks. Tretinoin cream is such a formula that helps to rebuild collagen and elastin, which are substances that give your skin its elasticity. This however works on stretch marks are than less than six weeks old.

Change in Workout

You should change your workout routine when workout poses as a cause for this. You must lift lighter weights and do more repetitions so that you can get lean muscle mass instead of a bigger size.  You should also take good care of your diet as gaining muscle and fat together will exacerbate your stretch marks even more.

Laser Treatment

You could consult your doctor and opt for excimer laser treatment which is a type of ultraviolet laser treatment. This could work well for older stretch marks. Here the melanin gets stimulated when the laser beam hits the area of your stretch marks and the skin tone of the stretch marks then matches the pigmentation of the unaffected areas.


You could also have your skin blasted with this treatment, wherein tiny fragments of silicon dioxide get blown to the skin in order to remove the topical surface. Then after this is done, the skin cells and fragments are suctioned off. Finally you will find that your skin has become more elastic and the new skin cell growth would begin to show.

Moisturise your Skin

This is one of the primary reasons why you are facing the problems of stretch marks in the first place. By using creams and mositurisers you will make your skin more elastic. By this we mean that you should be using creams, ointments, body lotion that would make your skin very elastic and smooth. Also boys who hit puberty should be using these creams in order to avoid stretch marks.

One must try to avoid rapid weight gain and weight loss with sensible diet plan in order to avoid stretch marks. Also, using creams and mositurisers from a young age would ensure that you do not face such a problem when you grow older.

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