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Dealing with Thyroid Cancer Treatment Side-Effects

Cancer By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 23, 2012
Dealing with Thyroid Cancer Treatment Side-Effects

Dealing with Thyroid Cancer Treatment Side-Effects: thyroid cancer treatment side-effects may be a little harsh to take, however, they can be easily treated with slight changes in diet and talking to your doctor.

Dealing with Thyroid Cancer Treatment Side EffectsIt is of utmost importance for any patient with thyroid cancer to know how to deal with the side-effects of thyroid cancer treatment. The side-effects of thyroid cancer treatment usually vary from one person to another and on the type of treatment that one goes through. The treatments for thyroid cancer include chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Ensure to speak to your oncologist or doctor about any side-effects of the particular thyroid cancer treatment that you are going through and the best ways in which you can manage them. Take a look at these tips on how to manage side-effects of thyroid cancer treatment side-effects.

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Speak with your Doctor

The best person to look up to whenever you have any discomfort with thyroid cancer treatment is the doctor. Therefore, make the optimum use of your doctor’s presence by speaking with him/her about all the possible side-effects of the treatment that you may be going through. The type of side-effects will vary with treatment and person as mentioned earlier.

Ensure the Surgeon is Experienced


Make sure that your surgeon is an experienced thyroid surgeon, who has specialised training before undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer. This is because undergoing surgery under the guidance of an experienced surgeon will help you avoid the side-effects of surgery that includes loss of voice or hoarseness, formation of blood clots in the neck, wound infection, tingling sensation and muscle spasms.


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Take help from Antiemetic Drugs

You may be able to deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy with the help of antiemetic drugs. These drugs help in decreasing vomiting and nausea. Do not, however, take drugs unless they are recommended by the cancer care team.

Never Miss Follow-ups

The best way to cope with the side-effects of thyroid cancer treatment include going to all the follow-up appointments. Going to all the follow-up appointments will put you in contact with other people, who can offer helpful advice and monitor progress. Follow-ups would include X-rays, physical exams and lab tests.

Improve Eating Habits

Improve eating habits before beginning the thyroid cancer treatment. You will be able to deal with any side-effect of thyroid cancer treatment with diet that is rich in protein, fresh fruits, calories and vegetables.

When speaking with your doctor, find out if there are other risks associated with your treatment except the possible side-effects to ensure speedy recovery.


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