Dealing with Suspected Infidelity

Updated at: Feb 18, 2013
Dealing with Suspected Infidelity

To free yoursel from the doubts of suspected infidelity by your partner, figure the potential causes and signs. Be prepared to deal with the worst.

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Dealing with Suspected Infidelity

Infidelity of your partner is worse than a nightmare. If you are baffled about what to do next after suspecting cheating by your partner, here is how you can deal with suspected infidelity:


Look for Signs of Infidelity

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, look for potential signs of infidelity in your partner. You may not figure out the concrete sign, but you may get several warnings that can tell you the potent causes of infidelity in your relationship. These warnings may include change of sexual drive, suddenly increased interest in appearance, talking privately on phone or spending more time out of home than usual.


Keep Communication Open

After figuring out the potential warnings or causes, it is better to talk to your partner. Do not accuse him or her on the basis of your doubts. A conversation with your partner would be in your best interest, but do not let it corrode your relationship. If your partner is still honest with you as he or she was earlier before your doubts, your accusations may dishearten him or her. Do not do it in a disrespectful manner.


Gather Evidences

While dealing with suspected infidelity, you may go through turmoil of emotions, but to prevent yourself and your relationship from infidelity, it is important.  If your suspicions are true, gather evidences that can be used later while confronting your partner. Proving the suspected cheating of your partner is  difficult, however, having evidences is vital to challenge your partner’s excuses. You can gather evidences by balancing between common sense investigations and intruding into partner's privacy. Be cautious about your actions because if they get detected, such actions can ruin your once-intimate-relationship, especially if your partner is faithful.


Confront your Partner

Prepare yourself before confronting your partner. Figure out the ways in which you can bring the subject up.   Think about what evidence you will give, how you will prove your point and how he or she may react. By getting mentally prepared, you will feel confident about confronting your partner and will be able to tackle the things effectively when it occurs. During the confrontation, give enough time to your partner to talk about the situation. Do not lose your calm because your hostility may worsen the situation, making it hard to get a direct answer.

Discovering another romantic relationship of your partner is devastating.  If, however, you have decided to confront your partner for suspected infidelity, it is necessary to make sure all the evidences that you have are true and strong. Having a trustworthy friend with you while confronting your partner may help you to go through it calmly.


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