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Dealing with an Expensive Girl Friend

Dating By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 07, 2011
Dealing with an Expensive Girl Friend

You can’t live with her and you can’t live without her. A girlfriend is a complicated human being to begin with...what with the mood swings, the date fetishes, the ‘clean’ obsession, and what have you! And if she has expensive tastes on top of the usual mood swings, chances are you’ve run to the end of your tether. But then, she’s so cute. And she really does care about you... So, what are you going to do?!! Breathe! Help is at hand and all is not lost. You can still keep her; but it will take some... let’s just call it ‘tact’.


Yes yes, we know how you feel. It’s all very well to pick up the dinner tab, but if she wants those overpriced, weird-looking, what-did-she-just-call-them-(pumps?) shoes, then she should be paying for them herself! And why shouldn’t she? She’s an independent, free thinking woman of the twenty first century who should be proud of being able to pick up her own tabs. Maybe you should reinforce that thought. Let her know how proud you are of the fact that she is so confident of her independent lifestyle, and how well informed of all the latest fashion trends she is, and how confident she is about her ability to get on by herself (and is that not the reason you began to date her in the first place? So, let her know!). Chances are she will pay for her shopping to prove that you’re right.


Do you find yourself always headed out to one of those fancy expensive restaurants every time you have to go out and eat dinner? And then the bill always ends up burning a hole in your credit card... This one is easily resolved.


Quick question: what is more romantic than a candle-light dinner at an expensive restaurant?


Answer: a candle-light dinner on a rooftop (even on a rickety table top) that you cooked. Imagine it. A gentle breeze plays about the table (and the mosquito repellent that you strategically placed near the table keeps the pests at bay), the makeshift dinner table and tablecloth (even if it is stained at places) looks as lavish as the silk at a palace, and the love-light unmistakably shines in her eyes. And no need to bring up your credit card.


Alternate suggestion: your room with the lights dimmed works just as well as the rooftop, and takeaway Chinese may work if you burnt the pasta.


The thing is that it is not how much money you spend that actually touches her heart. It is what you do with it. Your money may sometimes work as a substitute for your attention, but if you pay attention and spend some time thinking about how to make for her a perfect evening, you’ve just earned yourself a considerable number of brownie points. And that, after all, is the point of your expensive dinner date, isn’t it?


Here’s another question. Why must you always meet over a meal? Go on, be creative and find other things to do on your date... How about a game of tennis? She probably is looking for an excuse to wear that oh-so-pretty tennis skirt anyway. Not eating and burning calories instead?! Sounds like a good idea to us! And once you’ve done that a couple of times, that shopping expedition where it’s the “done” thing to get her something won’t feel so bad on the pocket anymore. Plus have you thought about buying something beforehand, strategically vanishing during the shopping spree, magically reappearing with previously-(secretly) bought-at-the-factory-price-store trinket, and becoming the hero? Listen carefully. Can you hear her go “Awwwwwwww....”?




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