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Dealing With Diaper Changing Struggles

Newborn Care By Dr Poonam Sachdev , Expert Content / May 27, 2011
Dealing With Diaper Changing Struggles

New-born baby care- Changing diapers of newborn gives tough time to most of the parents. However, dealing with diaper changing struggles can be easier if you prepare well before changing diaper.

Changing diaper

Most parents with a one year old wish they had six arms or someone else who could care for the newborn and change their baby's diaper. Read on to know how to deal with diaper changing struggles to make the work easier for you.


Give a Warning


Before changing your baby's diaper give him a "two-minute warning"! This way your baby is prepared for diaper change and can conclude his play rather than being interrupted in the middle. Besides this tell your child that you are going to change the diaper even if you think you are ignored. Always be firm and consistent when you want to change the diaper rather than leaving it if your child objects or cries.


Keep Everything Ready


Before changing the diaper keep the things that you will need ready such as the diaper, baby wipes, and rash cream, rather than taking out the diaper and then looking for the new diaper and cream.


Give a Toy or Play with the Baby


While changing the diaper let your child hold a toy, some other interesting object or play with him like where's your nose.


Let your Baby Stand


If your child does not like to lie down while getting his diaper changed, let him stand while changing the diaper (leaning against a wall if possible). If you get worried that your baby will fall down from the changing table or the bed when you are changing his diaper, make him lie down on the changing pad.


Involve Another Person


If changing the diaper is a real struggle then if possible let someone else change the diaper. A new person may be just enough distraction and you will also get the much needed break.


Managing small kids can be really difficult and even a simple task like changing his diaper can become a struggle; but hold your cool. Remember that with a cool temperament and distraction you can make most work easy with your baby.


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