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De strees with the help of Vedic chanting

Home Remedies By Vani Vyas , Jagran Cityplus / Aug 09, 2010
De strees with the help of Vedic chanting

Vedic chanting is a meditative form of practice that has calming and soothing effect on both body and mind.

Vedic chanting is a meditative form of practice that has calming and soothing effect on both body and mind. Amongst all modern day, de-stress techniques, Vedic chanting is the one that connects you to the roots of the classical Indian spiritual practice. Those looking forward to feel the power of Vedas, this practice will surely enchant you.


Vedic chanting is a universal tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It is an ancient oral tradition of India that dates back to several thousand years. "Basically, Vedas are collection of hymns on a vast range of subjects that were heard by the sages of yore when they were in a profound state of meditation. There are other texts that are not part of the vedas but were written by great sages at a later date. It is important to know that Vedic chanting is specific to chanting of texts that are present in the Vedas and not any other text. Passed on orally from one generation of teachers to the next, the Vedas were for a long time chanted only by a select few. It was T Krishnamacharya who first threw open the doors of Vedic chanting to the world.


Chanting can potentially take the chanter to the core of his or her being and towards the source of this ancient wisdom," explains Monica Chand Singh, who teaches Vedic chanting.


Proper method of chanting


"There are rules for chanting. One must chant with correct pitch, the measure, the cadence, the correct enunciation, the grammatical formation and most importantly the subtle modulation of breath that is integral to it. Vedas form part of Shruti tradition, that is, oral tradition. So, a student must learn Vedic chanting from the teacher, who has come down from a certain lineage.


A student is required to chant Vedas with the teacher. Also, it is important that you chant with bhavana and try to feel the meaning of the chants. It is not necessary to sit in specified posture to chant but one must try to keep spine straight during Vedic chanting," adds Monica Chand Singh,




The sacred utterances or chanting of Sanskrit mantras provides power to attain goals and lift oneself from the ordinary to the higher level of consciousness. "The benefit one may receive from Vedic chanting is the experience of deep inner silence. When mantras are chanted, an appealing effect is felt in the body. Also, the combined effect of sound vibrations can be observed on brain. Vedic chanting is in itself a complete mode of pranayama and is said to change the physical chemistry of the body. Also, it improves memory and concentration. When you chant your mind is totally one pointed and you could feel connected to the inner silence," adds Monica.


Vedic chanting for children


"Vedic chanting is particularly suitable for children; in fact being the traditional mode of education was intended and designed specially for children. Precise and highly prescribed methods of chanting mantras modulate and challenge the breath plus strengthen the body, spine and posture; the various manners of chanting (samhita, pada, krama, jata, and ghanam, etc.) involve various permutations and combinations of sound patterns which are meant to serve as "mental gymnastics" and therefore geared to sharpen the mind and improve memory," sums up Monica.




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