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Dating trends that we should leave in 2016

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 03, 2017
Dating trends that we should leave in 2016

There are dating trends that we all should have left behind years ago but it's never too late. Let's leave a few dating trends in 2016, because 2017 does not have to be that complicated.

2016 was the year when some love birds flew away from each other (Branjelina) while some got hitched this year (Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover). This year the love was the area that has the majority of complications.


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The trend of getting back with your ex, only to get hurt again should have been left years ago. You may have seen couples breaking up and then getting back together, what for? When you get into a relationship, you don’t know much or anything about each other but over the time you learn about each other, you get to know each other’s fault. Only after spending time with each other you realize that you are not meant for each other and that is when you take the decision of going separate ways. Now, when you have already separated, getting back together is totally meaningless. You know that you do not like the person, why you would get into the same complications again.



Being with someone who is not there for you

We often get into a relationship with someone who is not there for us. We keep waiting for them to call us; we keep waiting for their texts but all we get is a great amount of ‘waiting’. However, they do appear once in a blue moon when they feel they need you. You don’t need such complication again this year. You should never fight for anyone’s attention.



Still being in touch with your ex

See, if you think you can still be “friends” with your ex, you are wrong. You cannot be friends with your ex; you have broken up with him, you have to move on.



Friends with benefits

You stay together, you do everything that a couple would do but you are exactly “dating” each other. You see other people as well but you cannot leave each other’s side. You need to understand that dating graduates into relationship and such equations don’t ever graduate into anything. You are either wasting each other’s time.



There are plenty of fish in the sea aka the online dating trends

Stop thinking that you have got options, when it comes to love. The abundance of dating sites has made you think that you just need to swipe right for your “prince charming”. Not settling down for a nice guy because you can get a “nicer guy” if you swipe right again while no, nice guys are like rare gems, you are not lucky enough to get one.


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