Dating Tips for the Second Time Around

Jun 04, 2012

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Dating Tips for the Second Time Around

If you’ve decided to find a partner to overcome bitterness of a previous relationship, you may find it difficult at first. The shadow of disappointment, pain and acrimony will definitely hover around your mind. First, you need to enlist all the factors that led to disappointment in your previous relationships. Doing this will ensure that the shortcomings of your previous relationships won’t affect the new pursuit.

Mentioned below are some tips to put you on course for a new relationship the second time around.

1. Ways to Meet People

There are innumerable ways to meet people. You don’t have to hang out in bars or clubs to find a partner. Step outdoors, get social and engage in social events. Once you've made your mind, there is no dearth of ways to meet people. Social places such as pubs are the traditional choice or the first place to approach the situation. You may also develop a crush on someone at workplace or request your friends to set up a date for you. Among other ways to meet people is volunteering for a social event and creating a profile on social networking portal.

2.  Know What you Want

Be sure why you want to get into a relationship. Are you looking for a companion to share your life with or just a person to experience new things with? Be honest in making this decision. Another aspect is to figure out the readiness to move on. There shouldn’t be any emotions such as guilt, shame, remorse and anger in your heart to start anew. Don’t date anyone for security, comfort or to heal your wounds. Getting into a relationship is not a therapy.

3. Preparation

Preparation is very important to kick-off the second stint once you have been out of a relationship for a while. To prepare, you need to spend more time socially. Among things you can do to be more social include  enrolling in classes for honing communication skills, participating in political issues, dinning out more often and hanging out at the famous shopping arcades in the city.

4. Attitude

An open-mind attitude and willingness to try new things is the way to go. Things won’t come easy, you need to have patience. Positive attitude is all about thinking positively and not being overconfident to overlook the basics of dating.

5. Learn to Have Fun

You need to forget whatever has happened in the past to start off positively. Re-enter the dating scene with a new fun-loving avatar. Learn to have fun and make new pursuits more enjoyable.


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