Dating Tips: Office Romance Can Get You Fired! Know Why Is It Dangerous?

Updated at: Nov 06, 2019
Dating Tips: Office Romance Can Get You Fired! Know Why Is It Dangerous?

Some companies have explicit policies against office dating. So what if you have been flirting and might want to explore more?

Tavishi Dogra
DatingWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Nov 06, 2019

Many times you find your soulmate (spouse) at your workplace, and yet office dating is often frowned upon. You must have heard several affairs, relationships and rumours in the office. However, this is not considered wrong, but sometimes it can be dangerous for you (in many ways). Everything has it's pros and cons; the same is with an office affair (it has its advantages and disadvantages). An office relationship can get you fired and create a mess in your life. To save yourself from this situation, here we guide you with some disadvantages of office affairs.

Rumours in the Office


If you have an affair with someone in your office, then you may feel the change around you. For instance, those looks and gazes, suddenly you are a famous personality (in the whole office) etc. You are the main 'masala' of the gossip mongers and the hot topic of all the discussions. You may not feel bad at present (current time) because you are in love! But later, when you move or break up, it can hurt you a lot.

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If you have an affair with someone in your office, then (both) you may feel being spied all the time. You may feel several interruptions around you that force you to change yourself. The taunting and commenting continue to increase from office to a friend or colleagues party, and sometimes on your clothing and living.

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Personal vs Professional life

Office affairs can also affect your job severely. Your work may get affected due to some distractions, tiffs etc. which may lead to poor performance. Apart from this, scolding from your boss (and several other things) can make you feel embarrassed in front of your partner.



You can't restrict your partner from talking to others, as it is professional rather than personal. You may feel insecure watching your partner having lunch, breakfast or tea/coffee with someone else. Nobody wants their partner to be close to someone else (whether he/she is their colleague). And this causes you or your partner to put restrictions on each other, for example, talk to limited people, don't hang out after office, try to reach home as early as possible, tell every detail about the office, etc.

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