Dating Tips for Boys

Jan 31, 2012

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Dating tips for boys

Boys must have an understanding regarding expectations of women he is meeting or dating. It is not about assessing women’s behaviour and reacting to the same, but about remembering basic principles of dating.

Dating is often perceived to be complex activity than actuality. The general belief regarding dating is – firsts dates are awkward, second dates are expectant and following dates are actual dates wherein people get to know each other. In this process, boys commit several blunders and mistakes. Getting acquainted with basic rules of dating, boys can avoid mistakes for a healthy dating relationship.

DOs and DON’Ts for Boys on Date

  • Reaching on Time: It is a bad idea to make your date wait with the assumption that it increases her desperation. This will only create a bad impression in her mind. Picking her up from her place is one of the best gestures to begin a date.
  • Maintain Respect: Girls appreciate being treated with respect. Being courteous and polite to her are some of the rules to head towards a healthy relationship. Courteous gestures such as opening door for her, pulling chair for her, paying a complement will all be noticed. However, fake actions will fetch no results for you. After leaving her home, give a call to her, as these little things will make her feel special.
  • Avoid Show-off: One of the commonest mistakes by boys on date, show-off and over-confidence are considered as biggest turn-off. Irrespective of successes, achievements and stature of a boy, unnecessary self-praises and lies have never impressed any girl.
  • Listening to Her: The foremost aim of dating is getting to know your partner. Keep your partner interested in the conversation, carefully listening to her at all times. An attempt to initiate communication is always a welcome. Moreover, bring in some humour for making it more fun.
  • Being Yourself: Being self is one of the essentials of a healthy dating relationship. Using tricks on the first date and faking could will land you trouble and do not work on a long term.
  • Chivalrous Attitude: Being chivalrous on occasions on meeting potential date or partner is a key to her heart. The gestures such as offering to buy a drink and dropping her home are well-received by women.
  • Involvement in Her Hobbies: Knowing hobbies of your partner and preparing for a date involving the same will always please her.
  • Being Creative: A strong body language and smiling face comforts women. One can get creative; trying new things on a date always does a miracle.


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