Dashamula Herbs Health Benefits: Reduces Migraine And Arthritis Pain

Updated at: Aug 08, 2019
Dashamula Herbs Health Benefits: Reduces Migraine And Arthritis Pain

Dashmula is a combination of the 10 best herbal roots which relieves various health problems. The top 10 herbs that make up the Dashmula are as follows. 

Tavishi Dogra
AyurvedaWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 08, 2019

Dashamula is the best combination of 10 herbs in India. It is used in medical science as well as Ayurvedic medicine. It has great health benefits, that includes 10 best roots of Ayurveda which benefit us in numerous ways. These roots can give us relief from:

  • nerve problems
  • muscle spasms 
  • the issue with bones
  • joint problems

Dashamula works magically to treat inflammation and several other health problems/diseases. Today, with this article, we are going to tell you the health benefits of the herbs of Dashamula in detail.

Health Benefits of Dashamula Herbs

  • Beneficial in viral and high fever
  • Relieves digestive problems
  • Prevents respiratory problems
  • Reduces migraine pain
  • Relieves swelling, pain, and inflammation of arthritis

10 Roots of Dashamula Herbs

Dashmula is a combination of the 10 best herbal roots which relieves various health problems and ailments. The top 10 herbs that make up the combination of Dashamula are as follows:

  • Agnimanth
  • Gambhaari
  • Bilva
  • Prishniparni
  • Brihati
  • Kantkaari
  • Gokharu
  • Patola herb
  • Shaalparni
  • Shyonaak

Health Benefits of Dashmula

Beneficial in viral and high fever

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Dashmool has many antipyretic properties that help to cure intermittent or very high fever. It can manage your body's temperature and is known as the best remedy for it.

Improves digestion

Digestive problems and gas build-up are the most common human problems (regarding stomach and abdomen). Do you know that Dashamula helps in getting relief from all this? In fact, it is the best home remedy during food allergy.

Prevents respiratory problems

Dashamula reduces respiratory problems. It reduces inflammation of the chest and respiratory tracts. It works best when you consume it with 'herbal ghee'. Formulation and combination of 10 herbs can reduce asthma, whooping cough and common cough.

Reduces migraine pain

If you have a migraine problem, Dashamula can make you feel better, in fact, it is known as one of the health benefits of Dashmool. Many people have migraine attacks with vomiting, nausea and gastrointestinal symptoms. Dashmula gets rid of all these problems.

Relieves swelling, pain, and arthritis

Dashmula is an amazing medicine when it comes to relieving symptoms of arthritis such as swelling and pain. It has an analgesic or painkiller effect that treats arthritis problems.

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