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Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

Updated at: Jan 30, 2013
Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

Beware of these weight loss diets that may land you in trouble.

Written by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Jul 09, 2012

Dangerous Weight Loss DietsMarred by health risks (obesity and heart diseases) or desire for toned body, people have become desperate to find the best weight loss solution for themselves. You need to be careful while opting for one, as there is a vast difference between what really works and what not.

Mentioned below are some advices to help you choose the best-suited weight loss dietary solution.


  • Fad Diets: Everyone desires to lose weight as soon as they can. The best option to go for are fad diets that promise weight loss in short span, say 15 days. Most of these crash diets, however are nutritionally unbalanced. These emphasise on only eat one type of food, which deprives our bodies of important vitamins and minerals to ensure overall healthy being. These ‘miracle’ diets may help in rapid weight loss, but aren’t a long-term solution if you want to stay both fit and healthy.

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  • Extreme Vegan Diet may be Deficien: Vegetarian diet for weight loss is considered as full of nutrients, but you can miss out on nutrients, such as vitamin B12 and iron. Be careful while choosing to pursue a vegan diet. Make sure to have iron-fortified foods and B12 supplement.


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  • Tapeworm Diet: Tapeworm diet is characterised by swallowing beef cysts. The idea behind tapeworm diet is to make one too ill to eat by growing tapeworms. After you accomplish weight loss goal, an antibiotic is given to kill tapeworms. The diet is extremely dangerous. Make sure you don’t take the “i-wanna-do-it” decision and incur more loss thanyou could have had you enjoyed a balanced meal and portion of physical exercise.


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  • Grapefruit Diet: In this dietary regimen, the practitioner needs to reduce caloric intake drastically and has to eat grapefruit with every meal. It is not recommended owing to risk of formation of fatal blood clot.


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  • Maple Syrup Diet: The dietary regimen involves a dietary combination of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne peppers for 10 days. It is also referred to as ‘master cleanse’ as it eliminates harmful toxins to augment weight loss. Among side-effects of this dietary regimen include headaches, diarrhoea, constipation, muscle breakdown, blood sugar problems and weakened immune system.

Other Important Considerations

  • There is no definite diet for weight loss, nor is there any health supplement for weight loss. There is no denial to the fact that these nutrition supplements work, but also accompany long-term complications.
  • People may binge on poor quality foods in a quest to follow or sustain their diet chart, which could be fatal. Make sure you abstain from doing any such act of food violence upon yourself.
  • People may also develop phobia and avoid sugar-rich foods, fat, soy, meat, preservatives, food colouring and artificial sweeteners. This phobia is not the answer to your weight loss questions. Eat but eat right as only this will help you. Clean food may lead to weight loss, but also leads to fatal anorexia. So, although you still have to make sure you’re eating clean and healthy food but the quantity must be right/balanced nutrition-wise.


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