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Cuddling after sex can make you feel satisfied with the relationship

Snr By Vasudha Bhat , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 02, 2016
Cuddling after sex can make you feel satisfied with the relationship

Findings of a latest study have shown that cuddling post-sex plays an important role in making couples feel satisfied about their relationship.

All the women out there can now bank on the findings of this recent study which proves cuddling after the act is vital.

So, if your man dozes off right after having sex, this latest study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior will come to your rescue.

The research shows that cuddling might be the best way to strengthen your bond of love. Couples who spend more time showing love after sex happen to be more satisfied with their sex life and their relationship in general, claims the study.


Importance Of Cuddling

The Research

Two studies were conducted by researchers at universities in Toronto. 335 participants took part in the first study which included 138 men and 197 women. All of these participants were in romantic relationships and 90 percent of them were heterosexual.

An online survey was conducted on these people about their relationship and sexual satisfaction, sex lives and affection. The surprising results of the survey showed that the duration of sex and foreplay did not predict relationship satisfaction but, cuddling did.

It was found by the researchers that people who spent more time on activities like cuddling, kissing, caressing, spooning or showing love felt more satisfied with the relationship and with their sex lives. This theory held more water in cases where couples had kids.

Although it is always believed that a woman’s happiness largely depends on cuddling and canoodling, the researchers found that post-sex cuddling indirectly had an effect on a man’s happiness also as it increases their sexual satisfaction and satisfaction towards the relationship.


Importance Of Cuddling

The Second Study

In the second study, 101 couples were made to answer question related to their sex lives, post-sex love and level of satisfaction with their sex lives and relationship every day for three weeks. The results showed that on days when couples spent more time expressing post-sex affection, they felt more satisfied with their relationship and sex life. Moreover, people who experienced the benefits of cuddling during the three-week study were more likely to stay happy in the coming three months.

The power of touch is miraculous. No matter how you feel about the relationship in general, when you cuddle with your partner those moments are of pure bliss. Therefore, the next time before you decide to doze off right after the act hold them tight and caress them a little.

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