COVID-19 Stays In Body For 9 Days And Prevention Is The Best Cure, Dr KK Aggarwal

Updated at: Jul 16, 2020
COVID-19 Stays In Body For 9 Days And Prevention Is The Best Cure, Dr KK Aggarwal

While everyone is trying to be safe from COVID-19, the best way to tackle this disease is to have stronger immunity.

Vani Malik
Other DiseasesWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jul 16, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has made everything come to a standstill. Despite the relaxations in lockdown and opening of offices and other essential services, the rising cases in every city is a growing concern. Various health experts, frontline workers and global organisations are time and again working towards getting that one vaccine, which can help curb the transmission. However, until then, what can be the solution to be safe? Dr K. K. Aggarwal, Former President, Indian Medical Association in the 10th Meeting of Managing Committee (MCM) of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that COVID-19 stays in the body for nine days and, prevention is the answer. Supporting the need for understanding the various facts related to coronavirus, one needs to understand the terminology ‘So What’, which will help to remove the fear of this virus. The need of the hour is to not get scared of the virus but look for ways to prevent it.


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COVID-19 – Phase Or No Phasing Out?

By the time one gets diagnosed with COVID; it’s the 7th day and, one needs to struggle for some days to remove it from the body. After nine days, one is in the post-COVID phase of life. It doesn’t get transmitted between children to children and, if any child has COVID-19, after 3-4 days, the symptoms disappear. Our death mortality rate is less than the active cases. People are having deaths as they get tested late or, they miss the symptom of pneumonia that happens between the 3rd-5th day that causes seriousness. So, timely diagnoses are essential for COVID-19, explains Dr KK Aggarwal.

Watch out for these severe symptoms of Coronavirus, and what to do if you encounter these, in this video below:

What Can Prevent COVID-19?

He further informed that people with loss of taste or smell, stomach aches, eye infection, fever, and other minor diseases are prone to mild COVID-19 that can be cured with medications. He said that we don’t need to get scared in moving outside but, we need to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and sit in different directions. We need to have proper ventilation in the rooms and washrooms in our offices. An Air purifier with 10 exchanges per hour and a microfilter can help in preventing COVID-19 transmission.

People who are old, they shouldn’t do face-to-face meetings. They should take their medications for BP and other medicines and use blood thinners, as prescribed by their physicians. Dr Aggarwal suggested simple exercises for strengthening lungs that include blowing balloons, blowing bubbles in water via a straw, and many more. One should maintain a high protein diet by eating all 7 coloured vegetables. He further deliberated about the fear of COVID-19 in the lives of people and the lack of knowledge about it.

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Pool Testing Can Help

Dr KK Aggarwal recommended doing pool testing that will easily help to diagnose if a person among the group of people has COVID-19. Various countries around the world have performed this. For public dealing, it’s essential to wear an N-95 mask, sanitise one properly; and don’t have an eye to eye contact.

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