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Correlation between calcium deficiency and sex drive

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 27, 2012
Correlation between calcium deficiency and sex drive

Calcium is linked to a lot of bodily function which directly or indirectly have and impact on our sex drive.

Calcium is an important mineral. Calcium deficiency can affect sex drive as it is one of the important nutrients needed for normal functioning of our body. If your food is deficient in calcium, it can result in a lot of symptoms such as irritability, headaches, and even heart disorders, which affect your sex drive. That is why it is important to include calcium rich foods in your diet such as milk and yoghurt.


calcium and sex drive


Role of calcium in sex

Calcium is the essential nutrient that establishes the link between your hormonal glands and brain. It is the underlying cause behind the mechanical process. Apart from calcium, you also need to have enough of magnesium to counteract the adverse effect of calcium in prolonging an erection. Thus, a deficiency in either calcium or magnesium can result in lower sex drive.



One of the symptoms of calcium deficiency is irritation. It can be so intense that you would be unable to enjoy your daily activities. If you are stressed out about being able to do your daily activities, it would hardly be easy for you to contemplate sex. Thus, lack of adequate calcium in the body leads to lessening of sexual desire.


Pain and headaches

You can suffer from pain in your leg bones as well as headaches resulting from calcium deficiency. For having sex, you need to feel healthy and pressing pain would surely bring your attention away from it. You need to inform your doctor to make sure the problem aggravate over time.



Not having enough calcium in your body is linked to exhaustion and insomnia. This naturally results in lowered sex drive. The problem of insomnia further saps your energy level, which is needed up to a certain value to have the craving for sex.


A decrease in sexual desire can come from stress, the loss of a loved one, dissatisfaction with a marital partner or depression. Injury, aging, alcohol consumption, and inflammation can also decrease desire in men and women.


Have calcium in the right proportion for your body to make sure that you do not suffer from any of the complications mentioned here. You need to make sure that your level of calcium does not fall below a certain level to ensure that you do not become vulnerable to the problems of low sex drive as mentioned here.



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