Correlation between Bananas & Weight Loss

Updated at: Jun 06, 2012
Correlation between Bananas & Weight Loss

Correlation between Bananas & Weight Loss: The correlation between bananas & weight loss can be understood in the light of the fact that it is a nutrient-rich, high-calorie food which can replace other sources of energy.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: May 28, 2012

Correlation between Bananas and Weight Loss

Bananas are known for their high calorie content. That is why some people may find the subject of this write up confusing. But the truth is that although bananas do have more calories than any other fruit, its fat content is not very high. If the idea of bananas & weight loss confounds you, know that it is an ideal fruit for anyone who is looking to maintain weight or lose it.

Bananas give you the optimal nutrition based on which you can manage to lose weight by modifying the other food items that you eat.


Bananas and dieting: How the fruit can help you lose weight


Bananas are full of several nutrients that are important for maintaining good health. Potassium is one of these, and it plays a very important role in maintaining high blood pressure in a person. Research has shown that it is better to have bananas for controlling blood pressure than restricting salt intake. Magnesium content of banana keeps the blood pressure level in check.

The high calorie content of a banana can help you maintain your daily calorie requirements of energy and additionally, get the various health benefits. You need to discuss with your nutritionist about the calorie content of the variety of banana you eat, and manage your calorie intake. In most fruits, the vitamin B6 is not found in good measure but not in the case of banana. A single serving of banana has more than 30 percent recommended daily amount of the vitamin.

Some banana recipes that you can try for weight loss are:

  • Have mashed yellow bananas although even without that, they do give you a lot of health benefits. When mashed, they are a great option as a nutrient-rich, low fat spread for your toast.
  • If you want to prevent darkening of your banana slices, squeeze lemon juice on them.
  • For bananas that are too ripe, mixing them with orange juice with the help of a blender, along with no-fat milk or no-fat vanilla yoghurt, you can prepare a very healthy smoothie. This is a great combination take with you to dashboard dining.
  • Kids can be given frozen banana pops. You can prepare them by slicing a banana in half and inserting a craft stick in each half. Now, dip the bananas into orange juice and roll them in wheat germ. Put this in a freezer in order to make them firm.

Since they are high in calories, are bananas bad for weight loss too? Yes, they can be if you fail to manage the portion size based on recommended calorie intake.


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