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Convert your Glossy Lipstick into Matte with these Simple Methods

Fashion & Beauty By Varsha Vats , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 12, 2019
Convert your Glossy Lipstick into Matte with these Simple Methods

Do you have a huge collection of glossy lipsticks and want to switch to matte lipsticks? Do not worry you do not have to spend a huge amount of money on matte lipsticks. Here are some simple methods to convert glossy lipstick into matte.

Matte lipsticks are ruling the fashion world currently. Everyone is going crazy behind matte lipstick and wants to try different shades as soon as possible. Matte lipsticks definitely last long and also look vibrant at the same time. It enhances the colour of the lipstick and gives full justice to the colour of the lipstick. It is not possible to buy all the different shades in both gloss and matte. Do not worry if you have a huge collection of glossy lipstick and do not want to spend more money on matte lipsticks because you can convert your glossy lipstick into matte with some simple steps. Here are a few methods which you can make your life simpler. Read on to know these simple steps and carry the lip shade you love the most hassle-free.

Method 1

Take a tissue and some translucent powder. Now take your favourite lipstick and apply it on your lips. Once you are done take a tissue and put to on your lips. The tissue will absorb the extra moisture and let it stick on your lips properly. Now take some translucent powder and apply it on your lips over the tissue. Now remove the tissue slowly and your glossy lipstick is now matte. The translucent powder will also help the lipstick last longer. It is the most effective way to convert your glossy lipstick into matte. It will give the exact same effect of a matte lipstick.

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Method 2

It is the quickest way to convert your glossy lipstick into matte. You can try this method when you are in a hurry or you are outside without your makeup essentials. Simply take a tissue and press it against your lips. The tissue will absorb all the gloss and your lipstick is matte in just a few seconds.

Method 3

Another method which again requires translucent powder and a tissue paper. Apply your lipstick first. Now take some translucent powder on your fingers. Apply the powder on your lips very lightly. Cover your lips properly and later with the help of a tissue remove the excess powder or simply press the tissue paper against your lips.

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Tips to ace matte lipstick

  • Always exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin cells
  • Keep your lips moisturised
  • Apply a lip liner first for perfect definition
  • Do not rub your lips too hard to remove matte lipstick 
  • Understand the shape of your lips and apply the lipstick accordingly

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