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Control Symptoms of Diabetes with Glycemic Index

Diabetes By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 25, 2012
Control Symptoms of Diabetes with Glycemic Index

To control symptoms of diabetes with glycemic index, take low glycemic index foods over foods with high glycemic index and fatty food items.

Control Symptoms of Diabetes with Glycemic IndexSome diabetics follow glycemic index to plan the meal, which is healthy, especially because of the diabetic condition. Food items that have a low glycemic index are beneficial for diabetics because high glycemic index foods get quickly absorbed in the blood and immediately shoot the blood glucose level up thus, a threat for diabetics.  Low glycemic index foods dissolve gradually in the blood, avoiding harmful spikes in blood sugar level. Therefore, diabetics are advised to regularly consume low glycemic index foods over high or very low glycemic foods. Not only do low glycemic foods help in the maintenance of normal blood sugar they also are high in nutrients and fibre.Here are some low glycemic index foods, which diabetics can eat to control their blood sugar levels:

Fruits, nuts and green vegetables are the best low glycemic index foods.  Vegetables that have fewer carbohydrates are also low glycemic. Sources rich in proteins such as fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products have zero glycemic. Foods containing fats and some oils also have no glycemic, but for effective control of diabetes, consume low glycemic index foods that are also low in fats. Vegetables are low on glycemic index when they are raw. When you cook the food, its cell walls break down and get digested at a faster rate, increasing the index level. Eating fish is another healthy option.


Low Glycemic Index Food to Avoid

There are some low glycemic foods that contain high amounts of fat such as fatty beef, pork and lamb, some poultry items such as duck and goose and fatty dairy products such as cheese, butter, full cream yoghurt and sour cream. Replace dark meat, fatty meat skin and lean cuts of meat with poultry white meat.

Avoid eating foods that have excessive fat, carbohydrates or both. Eating foods that contain a combination of high fat and high carbohydrate are very unhealthy as they induce food cravings causing you to overeat and therefore, severing your chances of diabetic complications such as diabetic neuropathy, heart attack etc.  Such combinations are found in foods such as ice cream, French fries, hamburgers, doughnuts, cookies and potato chips.


Note- most fats and oils have an extremely low glycemic index, but consuming an excess amount of fat is neither heart healthy nor good for diabetes. The healthy fats that can be consumed regularly are olive oil and flaxseed oil. In particular, olive oil is not only good for salad dressings but also good for cooking because it does not degrade at high heat. Make sure that you keep all types of oil in the refrigerator or they will become rancid.


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