Conflicts in Interpersonal Relationships

Jan 24, 2013

Quick Bites:

Conflicts in Interpersonal RelationshipsMaintaining interpersonal relationships can be a daunting task. When involved with a group of people in a professional or social scene you need to be careful of various conflicts that may arise.


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It is important to always be clear about the message you want to send across. This not only includes what is explicit but other subliminal signals you give out. It is your responsibility to make yourself be understood the way you intend to. For instance, if you want to be known as a cordial person you should make the appropriate efforts. It is amazing how our choice of words, gestures and even clothes can alter others’ perception of us. Use it to your advantage.   

Chinese Whispers

Gossip can mar many an interpersonal relationships very easily. Sadly, it is not always in your control how people can create rumours about you or blame you for making one up. The best you can do is to avoid talking about others in their absence. The gossip monster feeds on itself and once on the loose can cause a lot of damage to everyone involved. If the damage has already been done, honesty remains the best policy. State the facts to all the concerned parties as you know them best.


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Another conflict you cannot control completely but can minimise considerably by avoiding bragging about yourself. If your conversations revolve around yourself you are either likely to be read as a narcissist or a show off. Unless it’s a major news about a significant promotion or a landmark achievement do not bring it up. If you ration information about yourself you can steer clear of many jealous persons at the office or in social circumstances.

Attack of the Ego

You may have kept your ego in check but others may not comply. Do not fret though. If others give you no choice and push their ego hassles in your face or are remarkably sensitive about their privileges try changing the topic or remove yourself from the situation. If its unavoidable and you are clearly being made a punching bag, refuse to comply. You do not have to be rude but you do not have to resolve ego issues which are not yours either.

Social Promiscuity

This is the kind of harmless promiscuity that many would frown upon. For instance all of your colleagues may have an unwritten bond between them that says “we hangout only with each other because we don’t have a life outside work”. Your mantra may be diagonally opposite. Possession by one group over you and consequent envy towards your preferred one can be a hassle. Try to balance but do not give up your independence. In the long run you will be respected for being your own person.


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