12 Common Signs of Pregnancy you Should be Aware of

Updated at: Sep 27, 2018
12 Common Signs of Pregnancy you Should be Aware of

Some of the most common pregnancy symptoms include nausea, fatigue and missed menstrual cycle.

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PregnancyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Aug 23, 2018

Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. Some of the women don’t even experience early symptoms of pregnancy. It is only after six to twelve days of ovulation (when egg implants the uterine wall) that they experience any symptom. Whether you are planning to get pregnant or not in both the cases it is important to have good understanding about indicators of pregnancy.

Menstrual Cycle

Missed menstrual cycle is one of the most prominent symptom of pregnancy. Mostly women get to know that they are pregnant when there is delay or missed menstrual cycle. If your menstruation period is two to three weeks late then you must get a pregnancy test. Even though a missed menstrual cycle is not always an indication of pregnancy, women with polycystic ovarian syndrome can also have irregular and delayed periods.

Implantation Bleeding

Many women experience implantation bleeding as one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. It occurs when fertilized embryo enters the uterine wall. Some of these cells that are expelled from vagina lead to slight pink or brown staining. This bleeding is accompanies by cramping as well. However, the bleeding can even be caused due to actual or altered menstruation, change of a birth control pill or some kind of infection. So it is always wise to consult your doctor for determining the actual cause.


Another early symptom of pregnancy is feeling of nausea. Soon after you have conceived there may be frequent feeling of vomiting. Nausea in pregnancy is referred to as ‘morning sickness’. Even though, nausea is a very common symptom of pregnancy, some women don’t experience it at all.

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Frequent headaches are also reported by many women in their early stage of pregnancy. This is due to increased hormonal level due to pregnancy.

Sense of Smell

Some women develop heightened sense of smell. During pregnancy most of the women become more sensitive and reactive to smells around them. Even little scent around seems to be troubling your nostrils.


You may feel drowsy and absolutely wiped out in the very first week of conception. During pregnancy, fatigue is resultant factor of high level of hormone progesterone and decrease in blood sugar level.

Swollen and Tender Breast

You may notice that you breast have become fuller and becoming more tender. In the initial two week after conception. You may have tingling sensation and even notice blue veins across your breast.

Frequent Urination

Around sixth week of pregnancy you will find yourself running regularly to bathroom. Once the embryo implants and began producing hormone it causes frequent urination.

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Raised Body Temperatures

If you are planning to conceive then pay attention to your body temperature as well. Increased body temperature is also an indicative symptom of pregnancy.

Visual Disturbance

Visual disturbancesuch as blurry vision, double vision, flashing lights, dimming, excessive floaters or sports in your field of vision. Headache accompanied by slurred speech, blurred vision or numbness.

Persistent Itching

Persistent itching of the torso, legs, arms, soles or palms, which is intense and does not go away despite constant rubbing.

Other Signs

Mood swings, depression, constipation and dizziness are some of the other common symptoms of pregnancy.

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