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Common sex problems and solutions

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 22, 2012
Common sex problems and solutions

Sex is not always pleasurable. Here are some common sexual problems and their solutions.

Sex is an important part of marriage and should therefore, be satisfying to keep the marriage going. For some couples, however, sex problems become a source of anger outbursts or tension. Reports have shown that almost 1/3rd of divorce cases that happen every year are due to sexual problems in the relationship. Although, it may seem necessary to appoint a sex therapist to salvage your marriage, there are times when you can easily solve the problems yourself. Here are few common sex problems and their solutions.




Either of the partners wants more sex

Having different level of libido is a common sex problem. Having different libido levels suggests that either of the partners wants more sex than the other. If you haven’t realised if this problem exists in your marriage or relationship, watch out for arguments you have had with your partner on the number of times you should have sex in a week. This is one of the common male sex problems.

The solution to this problem requires either of the partners to compromise for the other and that partner is most certainly the one, who doesn’t want to have sex as much as the other. Experts say that you must have sex even when you don’t want to as that would help you keep your partner’s happy and eventually make you happy as well. Besides, the experts say that when one gets used to having sex without much interest, he or she will look out for ways to make it interesting.


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Sex gets boring

Sex becomes boring when a couple has been with each other for long time. It is possible for the couple to feel that things get downright boring every once in a while. Sex may seem like the same old story as you tend to fall into a routine.

The simple solution to this problem is to break out from the rut and try something new. Much like other things in life that make life stagnant and eventually make you flip to try something new, sex demands the same. You don’t have to go crazy in the bedroom, but change positions or try ones that you have never tried before. Spice things up with sex toys, extra foreplay, massage, dirty talk etc.


Lack of self-confidence

Sex clearly requires one to shed all the clothes, but people often lack the self-confidence to do so. Not willing to undress for sex may make your partner lose interest in having sex. This problem is seen to top the catalogue of common female sex problems.

The solution to this problem is to get over with the problem of low self-confidence. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and try to improve without finding faults.



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