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Common Problems with Condoms

Updated at: Oct 04, 2012
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Sep 09, 2011
Common Problems with Condoms

There are some problems men face in using condoms. They can be resolved with a little precaution and being more informed on condoms.

Condom in handCondoms are the most popular and most effective birth control technique. There have been some problems reported by users but they can be avoided with due precaution.




Latex allergy is very rare but some people do report this. Irritation, itchiness and redness of skin are the symptoms they complained about after use. They can switch to polyurethane condom for avoiding these. There has not been any reported case of allergic reaction to a condom of polyurethane material. Allergies are also reported for the spermicides used in the condom. This ingredient used with lubricants in a condom is not preferred now-a-days for precisely this reason. You can also feel irritation in your penis because of excessive friction. Use the lubricant at the top of the condom to get rid of the irritation.


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Condom seems unnatural


This is often complained by men who start to use condoms and it happens if they case of the thicker variety of condom. Men find themselves unable to have sex with the condom on as it feels like too much of an interference with natural sex. Using a thinner condom solves this problem in most cases. To make the condom feel even lesser of interference, you should put a few drops of the lubricant on its tip.


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Problems in putting on the condom


Many men find the instructions on the condom label difficult to follow. Besides, there is always the problem of penis wilting by the time one wears the condom, especially when it is being tried for the first time. The research by University of Sydney conducted a study to know the problem faced by men in using condoms. The result of the research was that the instructions given on the condom label are not ideal as they require too much attention. It was suggested that instead of pinching the tip and trying to roll the condom down the penis, men should put it on like a sock. This means putting the thumb and fingers inside the condom and covering the penis.


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Condom not fitting or slipping off


If your condom is too small for your penis size, it will slip off. The ring at the bottom of condom can enter into vagina and get dragged out while having sex. The probability of condom being dragged is most when it does not fit your erect penis. You need to find the right size and if you find difficulty in putting the condom on, try pulling it on your penis as detailed above.


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