10 Commandments of Marriage

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
10 Commandments of Marriage

Though the popular saying goes “Marriages are built in heaven”, the fact is that marriages grow through equal participation of two matured individuals.

Pratima Sharma
SnrWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Feb 04, 2013

Indian weddingThough the popular saying goes “Marriages are built in heaven”, the fact is that marriages grow through equal participation of two matured individuals. Marriage is a religious institution that provides social and mental security to the couple and aids in nurturing an everlasting relationship. Relation cannot grow overnight, whether it is an arranged or love marriage. Ups and downs in the relation are inevitable in different stages of life. However, the success of a marriage lies in the ability of the couple in handling every critical situation of life.


According to an article in the New York Times (2008), mental set ups and adjustments vary with individuals, and it is the responsibility of the partner to render enough support in such cases.
Aman and Payal serve as inspiring examples, being happily married for over 25 years. Speaking about their successful marriage, they say,” Although commitment is the key, love is the glue that binds two people together for a lifetime relationship!”

  1. Remain same before and after the marriage:  It is important for both the partners to remain the same before and after marriage. One should not expect too much from each other at the start of the relation.
  2. Maintain your commitments: Marriage is a sacred binding and a legal contract as well. Always stick to your commitments and vows taken during marriage and never try to deviate from it.
  3. Be transparent and honest: This is another important aspect in building up of a strong relationship. Both the partners should be honest with each other and never hide anything.. Always feel free to discuss problems with each other.
  4. Provide encouragement and support: Always encourage each other in failures and in times of distress. Don’t criticize each other too much or highlight the negative points.
  5. Love each other dearly: Love is the main adhesive to maintain the strong bonding between the couple. Don’t wait for opportunities to show your love, rather express it regularly through simple activities.
  6. Be respectful: Both the partners should respect each other’s ideas and opinions. Don’t ignore or jest with your partner’s ideas. It is not harmful to be humorous but avoid ridiculing.
  7. Be faithful to each other: Fidelity is perhaps the key to a successful marriage. Human minds do look for variations to get rid of monotony, but that variation can be created through a loving and caring relation within the marriage.
  8. Share your common interests: Devote few hours of a week in sharing your common interests like film and music. Encourage your partner’s hobbies and interests even if you don’t find interest in them.
  9. Spend some time with each other: Do keep in touch with each other through chatting and gossiping even if you run through a hectic schedule throughout the week.
  10. Money woes: Money has been reported as one of the biggest reasons for divorces these days. Maintain a clear transparency with regard to budgets and spend as wisely as you can.

Although different researchers carry different opinions regarding the success of marriage, but the bottom line of a successful marriage is the willingness of the couple to maintain the relation with a co-operative attitude.




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