Clothes Not to Wear in Monsoon

Updated at: Feb 10, 2016
Clothes Not to Wear in Monsoon

You shouldn't get your clothes spoilt with muck during monsoon. Take a look at these tips on what you should avoid wearing during monsoon.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jul 02, 2012

Monsoon is not only about getting drenched in the rain or sipping coffee overlooking rain showers, but also stepping out in style. In the middle of excitement to rush outdoors and enjoy the weather, we tend to make major wardrobe mistakes. Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes in terms of outfit during monsoon.


clothes to avoid in monsoonKeep White Away

Avoid wearing white on a rainy day. Not only does white make it difficult to get rid of the muck stains, it becomes completely transparent once it’s wet. Opt for dark colours.


Avoid Full-Length Clothes

Keep full-length clothes in your wardrobe’s corner during monsoon. With the splashing of water and muck everywhere, it is always safe to stick to clothes that are up to the knees. This keeps the clothes from getting spoilt or wet.


Keep Difficult-to-Dry Materials Away

Stock all those fabric materials that take time to dry, thereby giving rise to stink. Some of these kinds include cotton and linen clothes. Add materials, such as georgettes and chiffons to your wardrobe during monsoon. In short, use fabrics that can dry faster.


Avoid Denims

Since denims take a lot of time to dry, avoid wearing them in monsoon. Alternatively, you may go for corduroys, which is slightly lighter than jeans.


Avoid Leather and Suede Footwear

Do not wear suede or leather shoes as these get easily spoilt when they come in contact with water or muck. Keep water absorbing footwear away. Opt for open sandals that do not collect water. If you must wear closed shoes, grab a pair of gumboots that are best to wear in monsoon.


Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothes

Make sure that you avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes in monsoon as they tend to cling to the body when wet. Besides, wet clingy clothes will only be irritable and uncomfortable to walk around with. Whenever you go for shopping, make sure that you keep the weather in mind.


Other Tips and Warnings


  • Never wear wet shoes continuously. Wet shoes that are worn without having been allowed to dry in room temperature tend to breed fungus and bacteria that can feast on your feet and cause infections.
  • Before going out, make sure that you give special attention to your shoes. Ensure that the shoes don’t have a flat base as that can increase your chances of slipping on muddy surfaces.
  • Try carrying an extra set of clothes to work just in case you get caught in the rain.


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