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Cloth Nappies for a New born Baby

Updated at: Mar 28, 2013
Newborn Care
Written by: Eesha DuggalPublished at: Jan 28, 2013
Cloth Nappies for a New born Baby

Cloth Nappies for a New born Baby:Before choosing the cloth nappy for your newborn baby, consider this Article and Get Information

Diapering a baby is without a doubt one of those activities that parents remember, especially when cloth nappies are being used as it requires a combination of motor activity, patience and skills.

It is, however, good to know that cloth nappies for newborns are available in a wide variety and that they make a mother’s task easier, though the selection of the right kind of cloth nappy is the first step and a very crucial one.

Before choosing the cloth nappy for your newborn baby, consider three Cs:

  1. Convenience: Choose the cloth nappies that best fit your little one and are comfortable. Watch out for those nappies that are soft and gentle for the baby’s skin or the diaper mproduce nappy rashes and discomfort the child.
  2. Containment: Select those new born baby cloth nappies that can contain enough weight and sustain for long. Fitting diapers are the best to prevent leakages.
  3. Cost: To make sure that you make the best out of your budget, research about the nappies available and their cost in your area. Prefold nappies, for instance, are economical and last long.

Purchasing nappies of the same size at a time can save money, but many a times the baby would be too little or slightly bigger to properly fit into the cloth nappy. Thus buying a few nappies at a time should help you during emergencies. When the diapers don't fit the baby anymore, parents may utilise them to either increase absorbency in cloth nappies they are presently using or as burp clothes.

Another variety of cloth nappies for newborns is all-in-one. It is the best choice if convenience of the child is the only preference of the parents. All-in-one cloth nappies are expensive than other nappies. So, fill your pocket with extra money before visiting the hypermarket.
Cloth nappies are available in different styles also. Fitted, pre folds, all-in-one, all-in-two and pockets are some of the styles that have overwhelmed stores lately. It is suggested that you avoid buying too many of a particular styled diaper. It would be wise to select nappies that are heavier on capacity and are also cost efficient.

Bowel movements in newborns is very frequent, which makes changing nappies an inescapable task. A newborn requires a change of around 10 to 12 nappies a day.

Newborn baby cloth nappies are best kick starting the diaper challenge and it’s a good news that today parents can choose from a wide range of cloth nappies from the market. All you are required to do after a clean cloth nappy is in your hands is successfully diaper your tiny tot without making it an unpleasant experience for him/her.




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