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Clear your burgeoning dressing table of useless stuff

Fashion & Beauty By Shahnaz Husain , Jagran Cityplus / Aug 26, 2010
Clear your burgeoning dressing table of useless stuff

Is your dressing table over-loaded with a variety of products available and you still can't choose what to use?

Is your dressing table over-loaded with a variety of products available and you still can't choose what to use?


Here are some essential items you would like to keep at your table: 

  • There should be products for skin care, chosen according to individual needs and skin type.
  • You should have a cleanser to remove make-up, pollutants, dirt and grime from the skin.
  • Toning is important for all skin types, so you need a good skin-tonic. It can be a flower based one, like a rose or lavender skin tonic. For oily skins, mint based skin tonics are also suitable.
  • Moistu rizers are an important aspect of skin care, because it is moisture which actually keeps the skin youthful and soft. For oily skins, a light liquid moisturiser will do, while dry skins require a moisturising cream. For the day, you may need a sunscreen.
  • A foundation that is close to the natural colour of your skin should be there on your dressing table. It helps to provide a smooth texture to your skin.
  • Eyes give expression to the face, so have a kajal stick or kajal pencil, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, as well as mascara for the eyelashes. Have a few neutral shades for eye shadow and a few dramatic ones, for special occasions and gala evenings. You can also get an eyeliner, as this helps to add glamour to your make-up, specially at night.
  • When you buy lipsticks, get different colours for day and night wear. At night, you need bright colours, because artificial lights actually drain colour from the face. Investing in a lip gloss is a good idea. You can either use the lip gloss by itself, just to add a shine to the lips, or add a touch of the lip gloss on the lipstick.
  • You will also need nail varnish and varnish remover, along with nail clippers, file and emery board, to help you to keep your nails looking glamorous.
  • Perfume puts the finishing touch to your grooming. Keep your favourite perfumes, colognes and toilet waters handy.

There seems to be a never-ending list of the items that are to be kept on your dressing table. You will want to add to the colours of your lipstick, nail varnish and eye shadow. Besides, new products will also be out in the market and you will want to try them out. It is a good idea to experiment with your make-up. It helps you to decide what suits you best, so that the next time you go shopping for cosmetics, you will not buy something you never use. It will also help to keep fewer items on your dressing table, rather than crowding it with products you may not use, but bought on an impulse.


Or else, you may have to buy a bigger dressing table!




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