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Chocolate that won't Make you Fat

Updated at: Jun 24, 2013
Chocolate that won't Make you Fat

Indian origin man dishes out a new recipe to prepare low fat chocolates, now you can indulge in chocolates without really worrying about adding any extra weight to your body.

Written by: Agency NewsPublished at: Jun 24, 2013

girl indulging in chocolates

Now you could indulge in a sinful chocolate affair without any worries of piling up on extra weight, as an Indian origin chocolatier claims to have created a low fat chocolate that contains as little as 20 calories per bar. London based Aneesh Popat has dished out a new recipe that promises to remove high calorie ingredients such as butter, cream and eggs.

Popat, who is a Math graduate, has combined flavour infused water with cocoa in order to create 'The Chocolatier' containing as little as 20 calories a bar.

Popat says, "If everything in the world was made of chocolate I'd have eaten it by now. My love of chocolate led me to devote and apply my mathematical and scientific backgrounds to create the most unique flavour combinations with utmost precision and creativity.”

Popat who also claims that his chocolate is a tasty rival to the sugar packed rivals, also say, "Chocolate is good for you if made in the right way.” The chocolate comes in different flavours, such as, cola, strawberry, mint, tea and apple pie.

The chocolates have been making the rounds of the culinary world and are already supplied to Le Meridien in London.

"As these chocolates boast such a low calorie level and high water content it can be advantageous to people seeking a less naughty treat. But we mustn't forget that chocolate is an occasional treat," nutritional expert Dr Sarah Schenker, of the British Dietetic Association, said.

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