Chocolate recipes

Updated at: Dec 30, 2010
Chocolate recipes

Chocolate Fudge Squares Makes 15-18 Ingredients ½ cup milk powder  ½ cup cocoa powder½ cup sugar¼ cup softened white butter2 digestive biscuits1 tbsp rind of an orange, optional Methodo  To take out orange rin

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Chocolate recipesChocolate Fudge Squares


Makes 15-18



½ cup milk powder 

½ cup cocoa powder½ cup sugar

¼ cup softened white butter

2 digestive biscuits

1 tbsp rind of an orange, optional




To take out orange rind, take a 2" peel of an orange. Keeping the white pith side up, scrape the bitter white pith from the orange/green coloured skin. Chop the orange skin into tiny pieces.

o  Sieve milk powder and cocoa powder together. 

o  In a frying pan or a kadhai, put sugar. Add ¼ cup water to sugar. Boil on low heat till sugar dissolves. Remove from fire.

o  Add the mixture of milk powder and cocoa powder to sugar syrup and mix well. 

Add butter. Mix well till all the butter gets absorbed and blended well. Add orange rind. 

Grease a 2" high pie dish or a baking tray. Sprinkle some biscuit mixture on it.

o  Now put chocolate mixture on top of the biscuits. Place it in the refigerator until it becomes hard. 

o  Cut into ¾" pieces with a knife. Remove from tray with a flat spoon. Keep in the fridge.


Yogurt Cake with Rich Chocolate Layer


An eggless chocolate cake made in a ring tin. Sandwiched with chocolate icing.

Makes 10-12

100 gm cooking chocolate (dark)

1½ cups (150 gm) maida

1 cup (200 gm) thick yogurt, 1 cup sugar (granulated)

½ cup oil, 1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp soda-bi-carb




250 gm cooking chocolate

½ cup white butter

½ cup icing sugar


15-20 almonds - blanched (put in boiling water and skin removed) and split into two pieces

o  Boil 1 cup water in a sauce pan. Break chocolate into ½" pieces and put in a clean dry stainless steel bowl which fits on top of the sauce pan. Once the water boils, reduce heat and put the bowl of chocolate on it. Do not stir. After 2 minutes chocolate starts to melt. Shut off the fire. Let the bowl be on hot water. Stir with a small rubber spatula for 1 minute till almost melted but not fully. Remove chocolate from hot water and stir well to melt it. Keep aside.

In a clean bowl put yogurt and sugar and beat well till sugar dissolves.

o  Add baking powder and soda and mix. Leave undisturbed for 2-3 minutes till its starts to bubble.

Add the oil and mix well. Add essence. Add melted (but not hot) chocolate and mix well.

o  Sift maida and add to cake mixture. Beat well. Pour in a greased cake tin (8") and bake at 200°C for 10 minutes. Lower temperature to 150°C and bake for another 30 minutes till done. Let the cake cool. Cut into two pieces.

For the rich chocolate layer, break chocolate into pieces and put in a bowl. Melt over boiling water as above (step 1). When almost melted remove from water and whisk well till fully melted. Let cool to room temperature. In a separate pan, beat butter and sugar till fluffy. Add melted chocolate. Beat well to get a spreading consistency.

Spread both the pieces of cake with 2-3 tbsp icing. Sandwich both pieces. Top the cake with the remaining icing and run a fork through it to get a ruffled look. Arrange almonds as shown. Refrigerate.

Nita Mehta 

(Nita Mehta is world famous Cookery Expert, who has authored more than 250 books on world cuisine)


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