Causes of Unhappy Sexual Life for Women

Mar 20, 2012

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Causes of Unhappy Sexual Life for WomenUnhappy sex life of women is caused by a complex interaction of many factors that affect her sex drive as well as her intimacy with the spouse. Some factors that affect the sex life of women are physical wellness, emotional wellness, beliefs, experiences, lifestyle and that state of current relationship. If you're faced with a problem in any of these facets of life, your sexual desire can be affected and it can make the sexual life unhappy.

Some of the problems that bring about unhappy sexual life for women are:


Physical Causes


  • Problems during sex – If you feel pain while having sex, or unable to have orgasm, it will obviously affect your sex life.
  • Medications – Side-effects of certain medications which include certain anti-seizure medications and antidepressants can kill the libido of women.
  • Medical condition - Many diseases that have nothing to do with sexual function can also affect the ability to have sex. These include high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases and coronary artery disease.
  • Alcohol and drugs – You might think of wine as an arousing drink but having too much of it can ultimately kill your libido for good. Street drugs are as bad if not worse.
  • Side-effect of having a surgery – If you have undergone a surgery that was related to your breasts or genital tract, it can have multiple adverse impact on your sex life. It affects your body image, desire for sex and hampers the normal sexual function.
  • Fatigue – If you are the one responsible for looking after your young children or caring for aging parents, this also brings about a low sex drive leading to unhappy sex life.


Hormonal changes


The oestrogen levels in a woman drops during pregnancy and it can lead to lesser interest in sex due to dry vagina. Sex becomes too uncomfortable to try. Similarly, the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy and breast feeding of the baby are a dampener of your sex drive.


Psychological problems for unhappy sex life of women


  • Mental health disorders, such as depression or even anxiety.
  • Stress, one related to your work, finances or any other.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Poor body image.
  • Unwholesome memories of sex abuse or physical abuse.
  • Relationship issues with the partner.


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