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Causes of Sweating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 27, 2012
Causes of Sweating During Pregnancy

Sweating is normal during pregnancy because woman undergoes a lot of changes in her body that produce warmth. The major reasons for it is increased blood flow during pregnancy.

Perspiration as we all know comes from your sweat glands and it helps to regulate the body’s temperature when you get too hot. During pregnancy it is common for one to perspire, and you should know why.


sweating during pregnancyPregnancy can be wonderful for women but only if they are able to cope with its complications, one of which is sweating. Many women are inclined to face the problem of sweating while pregnant, despite best efforts to keep themselves cool. This is because pregnant women are bound to feel warm throughout their term and this only increases in the last few months. Thus, their bodies sweat as it is a natural way of the body to keep cool.


Causes of Sweating During Pregnancy

  • As the blood flow in the skin increases during pregnancy, women feel warmer and thus, the sweat glands produce more sweat for cooling.
  • The level of progesterone in women during pregnancy is high. This further leads to increased flow of blood to the skin. This coupled with the increased flow of blood makes the skin capillaries open more, making women feel even warmer.
  • As a woman is required to carry the weight of the baby, it means more exertion by her body. This stress of carrying more weight would naturally make her body warmer, thus more sweating ensues. The presence of another living being inside can make a mother feel quite stuffy.

Sweating as early pregnancy symptom

Sweating, or more rightly, excessive sweating is a normal symptom of early pregnancy. But it is important to diagnose the right cause if a woman is found to be excessively sweating. Diseases such as heart disease, thyroid problems and others can also lead to excessive sweating. These can be diagnosed with common testing procedures.


Expecting moms should report any changes that she experiences to her doctor so that any additional testing can be done if needed. In any case, expecting mothers should expect sweating through pregnancy and it can be particularly troublesome if summer is going on. They should get some tips on dressing cool, staying hydrated and cool with adequate water intake, avoid going out when it is hot, keep a towel handy at night, have a lot of baths throughout the day, and try to get as much as air as possible in your room.



The best way you can treat sweating during pregnancy is by sitting in an air conditioned room and avoiding outdoors, especially during the hottest time of the day. You must also drink more fluids and take cooler showers or baths. Also you can avoid moisturiser and wear light clothes.

Sweating is also experienced by women in the postpartum period. This is because your body’s systems are in an overdrive to remove all the extra fluids in your body during pregnancy. That is why it is important that pregnant moms learn to keep their bodies cool during pregnancy. It would help them during and after pregnancy to maintain their cool.


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