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Causes for Low Libido in Men

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 24, 2012
Causes for Low Libido in Men

Low libido can be caused by many physical and psychological factors but it is really a compatibility issue between the couples.

Low libido in menLack of sex drive in men is not as common as it is seen in women. Moreover, with men it is erectile dysfunction that is more common. The difference between this and low libido is in the latter, the ability to have sex has not diminished but just that the desire for it does not exist. So, you should not confuse the two problems as one because the symptoms are quite similar.

Regardless of the causes behind low libido, it should be understood that it is all about what you need in a relationship. In other words, a man should feel that something is wrong about say, the number of times he feels aroused in a week. There is no set pattern of what is normal and it is a subjective analysis. According to Louanne Cole Weston, PhD. marriage and family counsellor, and sex therapist in California, couples need not feel that having sex a certain number of times per week is the norm that must adhered to.

In the experience of Weston, she came across a scientist couple who were perturbed about having sex only twice a year when there was nothing wrong about them, physically or mentally. They were concerned about the fact that they felt like having sex only twice a year, once on Christmas and the other occasion was the man’s birthday. They did not feel the need to do anything else, other than what they did together in the lab. They were fond of each other but just did not want more of sex. Weston said that she asked them to be just as they were and not be bothered about the peer pressure which compelled them to think differently about their relationship.

Other than the rare case mentioned above, low libido can be due to physical and emotional causes:


Physical causes for low libido in men


  • Alcoholism and drug abuse can bring down the libido.
  • Obesity is a major factor affecting men’s libido.
  • Medications that include drugs such as finasteride. It is used for the treatment of prostate problems.
  • Anaemia in men can lead to low libido.
  • Low testosterone levels can cause low libido in men. It is a very rare condition unless there has been physical damage to your testes.
  • Diabetes.
  • Rare disorder such as hyperprolactinaemia in which the prolactin hormone is produced in excess by the pituitary gland.


Emotional or Psychological Causes of Low Libido in Men


  • Depression.
  • Stress and overstrain.
  • Unwholesome childhood memories.
  • Relationship issues with the partner.
  • Sexual orientation problems.



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