Causes of infidelity

Jun 29, 2011

Quick Bites:

An intimate relationship constantly needs love and affection to grow and sustain for years. When the feelings of love wither away due to time or due to neglect, it results in a new search of intimate love. Attention and importance as well as understanding are required for a life-long relationship. Emotional dissatisfaction resulting from lack of appreciation and encouragement can lead an individual to seek it outside a relationship.


Infidelity during middle age


Infidelity is mostly seen during an individual’s middle age though it might not be necessary always. Call it a mid-life crisis or monotony but a sense of low self-worth is usually experienced due to various reasons such as ageing, stress and mundane life. A need to add zing in one’s life can lead to infidelity in a relationship.


Stress can lead to infidelity


Due to the modern age stress caused mainly by career and wealth pursuits coupled with professional outdoor activities, couples get lesser time with each other. Having a convenient relationship with a colleague or having an “office-spouse” proves detrimental to an existing relationship.


Incompatible relationships


Incompatible relationships due to wrong decisions or arranged marriages can cause partners to drift away and get attached to people of their own wavelengths.
Boredom and mundane relationships can make a partner seek excitement outside the relationship.


Attraction and infidelity


In some cases, in spite of a strong intimate relationship a person can get attracted to somebody else. Though attraction is natural but one should not go beyond a mutual admiration for each other in this case. Strong morals and determination can see you through a sustained relationship.