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Causes of Hot Flashes after Menopause

Snr By Arpita De , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 21, 2012
Causes of Hot Flashes after Menopause

Understand Menopause and Perimenopause – The causes of hot flashes after menopause can range from being underweight to the hyperactivity of the thyroid gland.

Causes of Hot Flashes after Menopause

Hot flashes are also known as hot flushes and are associated with menopausal women. It is the most widely accepted truth that menopause can cause hot flashes in women and post-menopause, these flashes recede. However, did you know that there are other potent causes of hot flashes and that they can continue well after menopause?


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Causes of Hot Flashes after Menopause



  • Hyperactive thyroid glands can cause hot flashes even after menopause.
  • The thyroid gland becomes hyperactive due to the over-activity of the thyroid stimulating hormone in the body.


Blood sugar

  • Fluctuating blood sugar levels are a possibility post menopause.
  • Due to this, the blood stream struggles to supply ample amount of glucose to the brain which controls the hypothalamus or the thermostat of the body. This can lead to the increase in the increase of the body’s core temperature and can subsequently cause hot flashes.



  • Menopause automatically depletes the oestrogen levels of the body. A direct result of this is hot flashes.
  • Women who are underweight post menopause can suffer from flashes because body fat is also known to contribute to the production of oestrogen.
  • The heart starts beating faster due to this and the blood vessels start circulating more blood in order to get rid of the heat.
  • Due to this reaction of the body, the upper half of the body appears heated and the tell tale signs are especially visible on the face and neck areas.
  • Therefore, lack of body fat post menopause can be a potential cause for hot flashes.


Early menopause

  • Women who hit menopause at an early age are known to be more susceptible to hot flashes for a prolonged period.
  • This happens due to the sudden depletion of oestrogen levels which does not give the body enough time to adjust to this new change.

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Other causes of hot flashes after menopause

  • Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can suffer from hot flushes despite being in the post menopausal state.
  • Neurological and emotional flushing can also lead to hot flashes in women after menopause.


Hot flashes after menopause can be unsettling for many women. The best option in such a scenario is talk to your doc tor about it. Hormone replacement therapy is one remedy that is advised on order to rid the body of the oestrogen depletion.


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